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USA Gold CA Super Glue 2 oz. Thin
# 355771

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Uncle Mikes Rocket Shack is not available for Chat
Semroc, Edmonds, Dynastar, Dr Zooch, Flis, WestWayne Rockets, Starlight Rocketry, Cosmodrome Rocketry ,Saturn Press, Sunward, Estes & More.

Parts for all your scratch building needs. Motor mounts ,body tubes, nose cones, parachutes, tube couplers, nomex & Kevlar recovery items. And Epoxy & CA Adhesives.


If You Think All CA Glues Are Created Equal.
We Dare You To Try USA Gold!

All USA Gold products are triple distilled while maintaining exact temperature control.
The resulting adhesive is a purer product with a bonding strength that an independent
testing laboratory verified to be 60% greater than normal hobby CA products.
Stabilizers are routinely added to lesser distilled, hobby grade CA glues to make up for
the chemical impurities. Stabilizing further weakens the bonding power of these CA
glues. Additionally, USA Gold CA glues are blended to be surface insensitive, meaning
these glues are unaffected by surface pH. Since CA glues are accelerated or retarded by
surface pH, USA Gold CA glues will not ''flash'' and shock bond under slightly alkaline
conditions or take a long time to bond under slightly acidic conditions. If you want a
fast setting, high tensile strength bond that model hobbyists use under conditions where
bond failure spells disaster, choose USA Gold!

Thin formulation has the consistency of water, thick is like syrup.

1 Bottle Of CA Super Glue 2 oz. Thin

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Please look at our other rocket kits. We offer discounted shipping.

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Example purchase 3 kits who shipping is 5$ 4$ and 4$.

You pay only 7$ for shipping/handling charges 5$+1$+1$.


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Please Note This Item Contains NO Motors/Engines Or Any Propellant Device. 



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