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ges 7-9+ Help children master third grade learning skills while they unravel this incredible mystery! ClueFinders 3rd Grade Adventures takes you on a thrilling jungle adventure with the ClueFinders! Jungle animals are disappearing and a world-famous scientist has vanished -- the kids have to find out why. Features: Over 30 interactive activities for kids to enjoy, as they unravel this strange mystery -- and develop crucial 3rd-grade learning skills Guide the Cluefinders through mazes, obstacle courses, even a crazy game of pinball Exciting games challlenge children as they meet strange jungle creatures, building their math and English skills Dodge the dangerous animals as you search for clues Topics covered include: Life Science, Earth Science, U.S. Geography, State Capitals, Logic and Pattern Recognition and more System Requirements for Windows: 486DX / 66mhz or faster Windows 95/98 or higher 16 MB of RAM Hard Disk with 14 MB disk space 4X cd-rom drive Windows Compatible Sound Card Mouse System Requirements for Macintosh: PowerPC Macintosh 16 MB of RAM Hard disk with 14 MB disk space 4X cd-rom drive 256-color display, 13" or larger System 7.1 or higher Speakers Mouse On Feb-21-17 at 10:03:56 PST Add a map to your own listings. Trial !

The Learning Company CLUE FINDERS 3RD GRADE ADVENTURES 2.0 for PC, Mac

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