The Absolute Sound Magazine Volume 11

Number 42 Winter 1986 Harry Pearson SPECIAL RECORDINGS ISSUE (Priced so high, as I worked for TAS/TPV so my name is in the cast of characters, so if someone wants it badly enough, I'll part with it). Very good + Never read Cover only opened Slight wear on edge/binding Some issues that I HAVE opened have split at the glue. Most back cover photos were taken by Harry himself with details in inside. Magazines are graded by age Actual scan of the magazine are cropped to show any wear, etc., so please check carefully! Any borders shown around photos is to see binding or page conditions. Where any tears, water-logging, wrinkles, etc. are, there will be an extra close up of it, so again, CHECK EACH PAGE CAREFULLY. Feel to email us with any questions beforehand or extra photos, and check back, as I'm selling my collection of TAS's TPV's. Will combine on multiples at no charge for as many that will fit in a Priority Flat Rate envelope. Thanks for looking! WILL SHIP INTERNATIONALLY, SO FEEL TO INQUIRE ALL OF THESE MAGAZINES ARE DIRECT FROM THE TAS/TPV OFFICES AND RETAILED FOR AROUND $7.00 BACK IN THE DAY

The Absolute Sound Magazine Vol 11 No 42 Winter 1986 SPECIAL RECORDINGS ISSUE

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the absolute sound magazine vol 11 no 42 winter 1986 special recordings issue



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