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TRAIN SET Flannel fleece marble maze sensory tactile ADHD ALZ
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Buy train set flannel fleece marble maze sensory tactile adhd alz at AtomicMall.com

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Beth's Quilted Creations is not available for Chat
Beth's Quilted Creations offers wonderful handmade quilted ornaments of all kinds.
We offer different themes, great for giving someone special a gift that reflects their interests. Ornaments are not just for Christmas! Many people display them year-round from special ornament stands or smaller trees. Each ornament is handmade, so no two will ever be completely identical.

We are now carrying sensory mazes as well - items made for children and adults with special sensory processing needs or those in need of hand therapy. We will be listing new designs on an ongoing basis, so be sure to let us know if there's a theme you wish to see.

I hope you'll save our store as a favorite, and come back to visit us often.


Maze Set #E-35

This purchase is for THREE marble sensory mazes
with a TRAIN theme.

Maze #1 - Trains:
Side 1 (front) is made with flannel fabric with a light blue
background and a variety of trains in bright colors
with blue train tracks. 
Side 2 (back) is made with solid yellow fleece 
fabric, for an additional sensory experience. 
The maze is approximately 6" x 6".

Maze #2 - Trains:
Side 1 (front) is made with flannel fabric with a light blue
and a variety of trains in bright colors
with blue train tracks. 
Side 2 (back) is made with a solid red fleece 
fabric, for an additional sensory experience.
The maze is approximately 5" x 5". 

Maze #3 - Pocket Maze Train Theme:
Side 1 (front) is made with flannel fabric with a light blue
and  a variety of trains in bright colors
with blue train tracks. 
Side 2 (back) is made from the same flannel.
The maze is approximately 5" x 2.25". 


As with all handmade items, each one will
vary slightly. We triple-stitch the maze patterns 
into the fabric for extra strength for plenty of use. 

These mazes are suitable for children who might be on
the autism spectrum, have attention deficit disorder,
or other sensory processing disorders. It can help keep
 their hands busy, allowing them to refocus on other tasks
or self-regulate their responses.

It is also helpful for passing the time when children
need to be quiet, such as in church, waiting for the
doctor, or even a car trip. 

They are also wonderful for adults who are dealing with 
dementia or Alzheimer's Disease, who might need 
to have something in their hands 
at all times.
Rather than sitting and wringing their hands,
these soft mazes can give them something simple to do,
pushing the glass marble (not seen but easily felt) through
the stitched maze pattern. It feels better for them to
have something in their hands as well, but
there are no sharp edges which could harm them. 

This is also a simple way to improve manual
dexterity for someone who might have
had hand or wrist surgery and need to 
exercise their fingers. 

These are hand-held items made from 
various soft fabrics (always listed, since we
use various types), triple-stitched with a glass
in-between fabric layers.
All flannels have been pre-washed and ironed
to eliminate maze shrinkage. 

They can be spot-cleaned as needed, or machine
washed, but we recommend laying them flat to dry
(air dry), rather than tossing them in the dryer,
due to the glass marble inside. 

Thank you for shopping with us - 
we appreciate your business!


We are a totally smoke-free home, but we do have two cats.
While they don't test the items for us, I do mention them as a courtesy
to anyone who might have severe feline allergies. 
They are allowed in the room where we keep our shipping supplies. 

We ship ALL items with delivery confirmation.
No guessing if your items have been shipped when you shop with us!

(We are a division of The Katy Workshop, serving online customers since 2002.)



Manufacturer: Beth's Quilted Creations


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