A Tropical Blend of exotic fruits

n a convenient sport drink! Suero Oral Electrolyte Solution Frutal Drink, is a combination of fruit juices and concentrates and is like a fruit fiesta in your mouth! Suero Oral Electrolyte Solution Frutal Drink tastes like fruit punch but works like a sport drink, providing you with maximum hydration and protecting your body from dehydration. Dehydration can occur when one is working out physically hard or sweating excessively. It can also be caused due to lack of water in the body and is experienced especially during higher temperature atmospheres. Suero Oral Electrolyte Solution Frutal Drink reduces theses risks and provides your body with a full blast of electrically charged ions that the body requires for proper muscle function. Suero Oral Electrolyte Solution Frutal Drink is a special combination, consisting of fiber, protein, sugar, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and, a tasty tropical blend of fruit juices, all essentials for the body to remain hydrated at a healthy level. Suero Oral Electrolyte Solution Frutal comes in a one liter sized plastic bottle and is great to keep around the house or in the car. It works great for adults, and is safe for kids too! They even will like the taste of it! Suero Oral Frutal should be consumed during intense training sessions or when spending the day on the beach out in the hot sun. There are a whole selection of flavors available, and Suero Oral Frutal Drink is one of the great tasting varieties now available!

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Suero Oral Electrolyte Solution Frutal 1 Lt

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suero oral electrolyte solution frutal 1 lt



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