Strong Hair Straightening Cream Strengthening Keratin

Lecithin Bamboo Rebonding Strong Lolane Pixxel Professional Permanent formula hair straightener cream is especially formulated for naturally very curly, naturally frizzy and Afro hairstyles. To make your hair go straight, soft, manageable and beautiful. Dermatologically tested it is ideal to be applied in your own home and obtain hair salon quality results. UPC 8850460990067 Strong Lolane Pixxel has a improved Permanent hair straightening formula with 4G Technology, Keratin, Lecithin and Bamboo sap extract to provide perfectly long lasting straight, healthy hair. This innovative gel-based technology is more economical in terms of processing time and your pocket expenditure. This pack contains: Strong formula Straightening Cream 50g Neutralizing Cream 50g English Instructions In a brand-new condition in its original retail packaging; unused, unopened, undamaged, with sufficient shelf life. No Animal Testing. This product comes from the health and beauty suppliers of leading department stores in Thailand. It is a popular product for Thai people and families throughout Asia. Lolane Pixxel Permanent Strong Straightening cream has ingredients for hair rebonding and good haircare. Basuba Vulgaris, Bamboo sap extract gives bounce and vitality. It has a high silica content that helps to promote healthy hair and is already known for the strengthening of nails. Lecithin in Lolane Pixxel hair care products helps to achieve healthy looking shiny hair. That feels silky to the touch. Dry hair repair will especially benefit from the presence of lecithin. It will improve the structural qualities of your manageable hair. The Lolane Pixxel Keratin ingredients will give your hair a fresh injection of keratin. Your hair will become softer and smoother plus less liable to frizz. Perhaps you have brittle and damaged hair. Keratin products can resupply and protect your own hair s natural keratin protein. Therefore, it can reverse some of the damage and prevent future breakage. HOW TO USE Wash your hair with shampoo (do not scratch your scalp) do not use conditioner and dry. 1. Wear a disposable glove and squeeze Lolane hair straightening cream into a plastic bowl. Do not use a metal container. 2. Apply Lolane Pixxel Straightening and leave about 1 cm. away from the scalp (don???t comb). Apply the straightening creme with a brush, working from a strand to a strand. 3. At room temperature, leave for about 20 to 30 minutes. Then comb through just once carefully with a large-toothed comb. 4. Rinse thoroughly with water (no shampoo) Press out any excess moisture with a towel so the hair is dried thoroughly 5. Next squeeze the neutralizer cream into a bowl and apply the neutralizer cream to the hair. Take a small amount of Lolane Pixxel cream in your plastic glove covered hand and spread it onto your palm. Good to always start with small amounts. You can always build up the product. Next starting from your head spread the product to your tips. Run your fingers through your hair to spread the Lolane cr??me evenly. Apply once again if needed. 6. Comb through and leave for about 20 minutes. Rinse thoroughly without using shampoo and apply hair conditioner and leave on to condition the hair. Rinse thoroughly with water and dry and your hair is ready to style for a hairdo. Once you straightened your hair using Lolane Pixxel cream, you can easily manage it thereafter to have silky, shiny and smooth hair.

Strong Hair Straightening Lolane Pixxel Cream Keratin Lecithin Bamboo Rebonding

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strong hair straightening lolane pixxel cream keratin lecithin bamboo rebonding



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