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way with this Steel Oval Cooking Pan. At 11 inches in length and 8 inches in width and made in Mexico. Its perfect for storing in tightly packed kitchens. Its lightweight and has no overly clumsy handles, so is even one of the most portable cooking pans on the market. It has a loop for holding, so can be easily hooked to anything and carried over long distance like it isn t even there. And it holds lots of Latin Food, about 88 square inches of it. It really is a wonderful and useful purchase. This cooking pan can be one of the best investments in your kitchen. It is such an all around useful cooking pan, you ll want to use it for everything. Cooking your delicious Corn or Flour Tortillas, frying, saut??ing, steak, chicken, fish, you name it, this pan can do it. Its got everything a good cooking utensil needs. This Cooking pan is safe, sturdy, compact, and works so well for everything. It makes your meals so great and so fast that cooking them will no longer be a chore. Many people will agree that this steel oval cooking pan is one of the better culinary purchases you can make. Its a utensil that will save you in the kitchen time and time again, and youre sure to want other ones just like it. Its the ideal pan for just about every product and youre bound to be glad that you bought it.

Steel Oval Cooking Pan - Comal Ovalado 17" x 8"

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steel oval cooking pan comal ovalado 17 34 x 8 34



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