Our Stainless Steel Comal is the

veryday answer to your cooking needs. It features a 23 smooth, flat cooking surface and is conducted out of stainless steel which won t rust or corrode due to weather or moisture in the air. The stainless steel comal, or comal de acero inoxidable, is highly popular throughout the Latin Americas and is commonly used to cook tortillas. Our stainless steel comal is lightweight and portable, which makes it easy to take it with you for your dining needs and cooking habits. Use it to toast spices, or to grill meat, or how about the traditional method of toasting beans! The word comal is actually derived from the native language of nahuatl, comalli, and thus comal came to be. The stainless steel comal fits easily over a burner and is the perfect addition to your patio/outdoor cooking. Saute up some onions, warm up some tortillas, the stainless steel comal has got you covered and unlike its rivals, the stainless steel comal won t scratch easily and it is easy to clean too! The 23 stainless steel comal also features a handle on either side for easy handling and transport of the comal. The stainless steel comal is also multi-purpose and can used on your stove range or in the oven if you so choose. With a versatile product such as the stainless steel comal, why haven t you already got one?

Stainless Steel Comal 23" - Comal De Acero Inoxidable

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stainless steel comal 23 34 comal de acero inoxidable



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