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buy now is: What looks looks to be (after some research) a VERY RARE item. In The Sealed Original BIG BOX. LOOK!!! The Software Toolworks GAME PACK of 5 games. Five Entertainment Greats in One! These games include: The Chessmaster 2000 Life Death (rare) Beyond the Black Hole (rare) Bruce Lee Lives (very rare) Gin King * Cribbage King FEATURES: (from the back of the box) Incredible graphics/super sound. Includes 5 Complete Manuals. GrenoVision and real 3-D reading glasses inside! Real Surgeon s gloves and mask included! True Life Story of Bruce Lee. Written by his wife. Now the box condition: Sealed, Very few flaws on it such as on the front the plastic seal has a tear in it near the bottom of the facecard . see photo. A tiny bit of wrinkling front top. along top edge. A few corners have very slight dings. Some separation of the seal on the right panel, box is perfectly square no mashing. Plastic seal is tight around the box. System Requirements: DOS 3.0 or Higher !BM PC and Compatibles 512K Memory Required. CGA, EGA, or VGA Mouse or Joystick Optional. This item will be shipped in a sturdy box, not in a LARGE Bubble envelope (I never do that), On the RARE big box PC GAMES I SELL EVER, EVER, EVER. Please see all photos as they are part of the . Please ask any questions you may have.............Thanks for looking...............Thank You in advance for your business!!!!

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Software Toolworks PC Game Pack., of 5 games VERY RARE SEALED BOX. LOOK!

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software toolworks pc game pack 5 games very rare sealed box look



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