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Indian Book Collection on DVD The Sioux Indian book collection is an archive of 46 historic books relating to the Sioux Indian in the 1800's and early 1900s. Included in this collection are fascinating works relating to their music, culture, mythology and struggles with the expansion of the United States. Also represented are several works of period fiction that prominently feature the Sioux Indian. Here are all the books on this DVD. Official relations between the United States and the Sioux Indians (1896) - Textor, Lucy Elizabeth - 171 pages Encounter between Sioux Indians of the Pine Ridge agency (1904) - 152 pages Narrative of my captivity among the Sioux Indians (1871) - Kelly, Fanny - 327 pages The language of the Dakota or Sioux Indians (1872) - Roehrig, F. L. O. (Frederic Louis Otto) - 30 pages Civilization among the Sioux Indians - Herbert Welsh - 70 pages North American Indians. Mission to the Oregon Indians Choctaws, Cherokees, Pawnees, Sioux, Ojibwas, Stockbridge Indians, York Indians, and Abenaquis (1848) - 68 pages Teton Sioux music (1918) - Densmore, Frances - 734 pages Wanneta, the Sioux (1890) - Moorehead, Warren King - 304 pages Sioux memory gems (1929) - Anderson,Myrtle Miller - 71 pages The taming of the Sioux (1917) - Fiske, Frank Bennett - 196 pages The heritage of the Sioux (1916) - Bower, B. M. - 325 pages Narratives of the Sioux war (1915) - Satterlee, Marion P. - 31 pages Missionary explorers among the American Indians (1913) - Humphreys, Mary Gay - 357 pages Report of a visit to the Sioux and Ponka Indians of the Missouri River (1872) - Welsh, William - 48 pages A History of the Great Massacre by the Sioux Indians, in Minnesota (1864) - Charles S. Bryant - 541 pages The Indians' revenge, or, Days of honor: Some appalling events in the history of the Sioux (1891) - Berghold, Alexander - 270 pages Sully's expedition against the Sioux in 1864 - Kingsbury, David Lansing - 27 pages Poems from Sioux and Chippewa songs (1917) - Densmore, Frances - 28 pages Little Smoke, a tale of the Sioux (1910) - Stoddard, William Osborn - 338 pages Myths and legends of the Sioux (1916) - McLaughlin, Marie L. - 210 pages Report of the Commission appointed to treat with the Sioux Indians for the relinquishment of the Black Hills (1875) - 28 pages A Sioux story of the war : Chief Big Eagle's story of the Sioux outbreak of 1862 (1894) - Wamditanka - 28 pages Photographs of Red Cloud and Principal Chiefs of Dacotah Indians (1872) - Alexander Gardner - 36 pages The story of Nancy McClure : captivity among the Sioux (1894) - The story of Nancy McClure : captivity among the Sioux (1894) - 31 pages Warrior gap. A story of the Sioux outbreak of '68 (1901) - King, Charles - 288 pages The capture and escape; or, Life among the Sioux (1870) - Larimer, Sarah Luse - 271 pages Mary and I : forty years with the Sioux (1887) - Riggs, Stephen Return - 456 pages Indian fights and fighters: the soldier and the Sioux (1904) - Brady, Cyrus Townsend - 510 pages The ghost-dance religion and the Sioux outbreak of 1890 (1896) - Mooney, James - 596 pages Photographs of Teton Sioux Indian Delegation Consisting of Oncapapa, Chawana, Cut-head, and Tachana - Alexander Gardner - 41 pages History of the Sioux war and massacres of 1862 and 1863 (1863) - Heard, Isaac V. D.; Whipple, Henry Benjamin - 357 pages Red Cloud, the solitary Sioux : a story of the great prairie (1882) - Butler, William Francis - 396 pages Dahcotah, or, Life and legends of the Sioux around Fort Snelling (1849) - Eastman, Mary H. (Mary Henderson) - 299 pages A brief sketch and history of the signing of the Treaty of Traverse des Sioux - LeDuc, William G - 50 pages Four weeks among some of the Sioux tribes of Dakota and Nebraska (1882) - Welsh, Herbert - 44 pages The last of the chiefs; a story of the great Sioux war (1912) - Altsheler, Joseph A. (Joseph Alexander) - 357 pages Among the Sioux : a story of the Twin Cities and the two Dakotas (1906) - Creswell, R. J. (Robert J.) - 154 pages The life and labors of Bishop Hare : apostle to the Sioux (1912) - Hare, William Hobart; Howe, M. A. De Wolfe (Mark Antony De Wolfe) - 456 pages Among the Sioux of Dakota : eighteen months experience as an Indian agent (1881) - Poole, D. C. (Dewitt Clinton) - 248 pages Impressions of the Sioux tribes in 1882 : with some first principles in the Indian question (1883) - Pancoast, Henry Spackman - 42 pages A Sioux narrative of the outbreak in 1862, and of Sibley's expedition in 1863 (1905) - Renville, Gabriel - 31 pages "Laramie"; or, The Queen of Bedlam. A story of the Sioux war of 1876 (1889) - King, Charles - 300 pages A daughter of the Sioux : a tale of the Indian frontier (1902) - King, Charles - 328 pages The red record of the Sioux : life of Sitting Bull and history of the Indian war of 1890-91 ... story of the Sioux nation; their manners and customs, ghost dances and Messiah craze (1891) - Johnson, Willis Fletcher - 602 pages War-path and bivouac, the conquest of the Sioux, a narrative of stirring personal experiences and adventures in the Big Horn and Yellowstone expedition of 1876, and in the campaign on the British border in 1879 (1890) - Finerty, John F. (John Frederick) - 471 pages Recollections of the Sioux massacre : an authentic history of the Yellow Medicine incident, of the fate of Marsh and his men, of the siege and battles of Fort Ridgely, and of other important battles and experiences. Together with a historical sketch of the Sibley expedition of 1863 (1909) - Wall, Oscar Garrett - 296 pages Here is one of the many images, maps and drawings pulled from the collection. This DVD runs on all Windows and Macintosh computers. You must have a web browser and Adobe Acrobat Reader - (available for download if you do not have it installed on your computer.) The book index is organized in an HTML menu that is compatible with all browsers and the books themselves are in PDF format to allow them to be universally accessed. Many of the books on this DVD are fully searchable and all are printable. Please visit Our About Me Page to Learn More about Us! This product is a document DVD. 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