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Singing Lessons via mp3 download JON SINCLAIR vocal coach the SingClear voice
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Jon Sinclair Sing Clear vocal instruction and proper method SingClear mp3 download Singing lessons

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SingClear vocal method: The Full Voice
complete session mp3 download
by renowned vocal coach

sound clip playable through your default media player
open a new tab or browser, cut and paste the url below
and have a listen!

an introduction by Jon!

Jon's credits include
Glynn Jones, Annie Lennox, Gladys Knight, Don Lawrence,
Bon Jovi, Doris Buchanan, Burbank School of Music, etc
the list really DOES go on and on.


I'm Jon Sinclair. I'm a vocal coach.I've been at it for over 25 years with my credits including the likes of Glynn Jones, Annie Lennox, Gladys Knight, Don Lawrence, Bon Jovi, Doris Buchanan, Burbank School of Music, etc - the list really DOES go on and on.

The particular goals I strive to achieve with every client are to increase range and power, improve tonal quality, ensure pitch accuracy, eliminate vocal problems that could lead to injury, instill confidence, and create a sense of ease in singing. I love to help develop and nurture new talent, to hear a song being sung with emotion, spirit and ability.

Vocal training is not meant to be boring, if all you sing are exercises, then ask yourself, "where are you going to sing these exercises", I have yet to attend a concert consisting of vocal exercises. I find it extremely important for the singer to begin working on actual songs in the very first lesson

The Full Voice program includes:
Complete download just $9.99 - instantly delivered to via email: *Vocal pitch check *Vocal placement & bridge point *A "live vocal lesson" with student analysis *A simple analogy of the voice *Being two voices *Breathing overview *Diaphragm & Breathing exercises *Tempo and time *Connecting the diaphragm and voice *Vocal exercises *Mixing breath and note exercises *Holding notes *Vocal power, resonance and placement *Vowels, plosives & consonants *The tongue and its attributes *Connecting diaphragm, breath and tongue *Checking your progress * Vocal exercises *Free online vocal analysis via e-mail



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