De La Rosa peanut mazapan or

e La Rosa mazapan is a delicious round chewy candy made from crushed peanuts. De La Rosa peanut can be served as snacks, refreshments, and even whole food to stem hunger. De La Rosa mazapan are chewy chunky peanuts mixed with sugar and sweet tasting peanut flavor. Wouldn t it be better to be addicted to something so sweet and healthy? De La Rosa mazapan comes with almond flavor that leaves you wholly satisfied. Enjoy the rich satisfying candy of de la rosa peanut mazapan. Satisfy your hunger and cravings with a healthy snack, always enjoy de la rosa peanut mazapan. The zero cholesterol and natural ingredients of de la rosa peanut mazapan makes it the perfect snack anytime of the day. Go on, treat yourself and family to the delicious taste of de la rosa peanuts mazapan, you deserve the best.

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De La Rosa Peanut Mazapan Candy 30 Pieces

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de la rosa peanut mazapan candy 30 pieces



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