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nother delectable marshmallow for anybody with a sweet tooth when they need a great lollipop. De La Rosa Paleta Con Malvavisco is an amazing confection made with the outstanding De La Rosa marshmallows, the kind millions of people know and love. Its on a stick and covered in chocolate, the perfect candy for you, you friends, and your entire family. If you love candy and need something delicious and new, this treat is sure to make you smile. De La Rosa always delivers the most fantastic marshmallow candy. One bite will have you head over heels in love with this treat, you can bet on that. Its an unbelievably high quality marshmallow encased in a delicious chocolate and on a stick so its easy to eat and enjoy. De La Rosa will give you the most and best candy for an affordable price, because De La Rosa is one of the best makers of marshmallows around. This brand makes some very excellent marshmallows, like the mini marshmallows, regular size marshmallows, and humongous extra giant marshmallows as well as a chocolate covered marshmallow candy youre destined to enjoy With just a couple of clicks, you can be in possession of an amazing De La Rosa marshmallows treat, the Paleta Con Malvavisco. Chances are, it will be your favorite candy, its got the best of it all. So if youre looking for a and exciting marshmallow treat, De La Rosa Paleta Con Malvavisco is for you.

De La Rosa Paleta Con Malvavisco 17 oz

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de la rosa paleta con malvavisco 17 oz



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