Roby Yonge and Paul Is Dead

WABC October 1969 Here is the classic overnight when Roby Yonge announced that Paul McCartney was dead...or so he thought. Roby picked up on the ponderings of some college kids and a few others who were finding clues in Beatle album covers and music that made them believe that Paul was dead. Since Roby was on during the overnight, WABC s signal was heard in more than thirty states as Roby presented what he thought was the proof of all of this. He also told his listeners that he wasn t going to be with WABC in a couple of weeks because his contract wasn t renewed. The end for Roby came a lot sooner than he thought it would. This scoped aircheck picks things up at around twenty minutes before 1 a.m. when Roby was just getting rolling with this. It concludes with DJ Les Marshack taking things over and pleading with the listeners to stop calling. The legend goes that Program Director Rick Sklar was given a wake up call at 1 a.m., told of what was happening, showed up at the station and had security escort Roby out of the building. It turned out that it was Roby s career that was dead...not Paul. Total Time - 16:40

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Roby Yonge and Paul Is Dead WABC October 1969

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roby yonge paul is dead wabc october 1969



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