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C i t y Addictive mix of city building and arcade puzzle action! Sealed CD Description: Under the watchful eye of Mz. Towers, assemble buildings from color-coded construction blocks before the conveyor belt backs up in this unique combination of block-dropping puzzle inlay action and city-building simulations. Revitalize 48 different cityscapes as you build homes, factories, shopping malls, schools, fire stations, and more! Use power-ups to bulldoze unneeded buildings, freeze, reverse, break up or detonate construction pieces, and spray paint colors! Earn bonuses and create special buildings across multiple stages including snow-covered mountains, deserts, swamps, and even a lunar colony! Features Story Mode and Untimed Mode for play at your own pace. Features: 48 different cityscapes Story line mode Untimed mode (free play) Block building, puzzle solving fun Manufacture s System Requirements : Microsoft Windows® 98 / ME / XP / Vista Pentium w/800 Mhz 128MB RAM 100 MB Hard Drive space for full installation CD-ROM drive Sound Card SVGA w/256 Colors, 32 MB 3D Video Card

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Puzzle City

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puzzle city



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