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game has been TESTED! Battery still has juice! Clock based events work fine! I ship FAST and SAME DAY. Product Description Pokemon Emerald is an extension of Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire -- you ll travel to an all-new region and explore as you face off against Team Aqua and Team Magma. An aspiring Pokemon trainer moves to tiny Littleroot Town and discovers all-new Pokemon to train and compete with -- now he s on the road to being a great trainer! Are you looking for a Pokemon challenge? With a focus on continuing the story, Pokemon Emerald brings together elements and characters from Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. Emerald is the third adventure to take place in the Hoenn region, and it features all areas and exciting plot twists. In Pokemon Emerald, your character is an aspiring Pokemon Trainer and inhabitant of Littleroot Town. You ll enter the neighborhood amid a truckload of boxes, eager to explore your environment. Eventually, you ll stumble upon a challenge that forces you to select from three Pokemon -- Torchic, Mudkip or Treecko. Once you decide, you can begin your quest to become the world s greatest Pokemon Trainer. If you ve played the Ruby or Sapphire installments, you ll recognize many of the locations in Emerald. Although familiar, quite a lot has changed in Emerald. The most exciting addition is Battle Frontier. No matter how well you think you know Hoenn, you will always discover something entirely new. Plus, you may even encounter a Gym Leader in your journeys. You are up against stiff competition in Emerald. Team Magma and Team Aqua once again look to disrupt the peaceful civility of Hoenn. Unlike Ruby and Sapphire, both gangs have set up camp in this adventure. That means you ll be facing double-the-evil, double-the-clever, scheming plans. To really spice things up, Emerald has added sightings of the rare Pokemon Rayquaza. The plot thickens! The Battle Frontier of Pokemon Emerald brings together seven battle facilities. Each area provides a unique battle experience. Special Trainers called Frontier Brains head each facility and they will test every aspect of your combat skills. Your victories will be memorialized in the form of Frontier Symbols, and you must defeat the Frontier Brain at each location several times in order to earn your awards. With locations like Battle Dome, Battle Arena, Battle Factory, and Battle Pike, Pokemon Emerald will throw you awesome twists and challenges. The adventure in Hoenn is full of adventure and has plenty of opportunities to hone your battle skills. Just keep your composure, explore the island, and you can become the world s greatest Pokemon Trainer.

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Pokemon Emerald Version Nintendo Game Boy Advance GBA

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pokemon emerald version nintendo game boy advance gba



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