If you want a great tasting

authentic Mexican tasting tortilla then you simply must get our Pine Wooden Tortilla Press! Our Pine Wooden Tortilla Press is a unique, compact press that it 100% made out of natural pine. It is sturdy and durable and yet can be transported easily for your outdoor event or barbeque. The Pine Wooden Tortilla Press, Prensa De Pino, is easy to use and in no time you ll be slinging tortillas or arepas like a pro! It features a sturdy, well built base, and a long pine wooden handle that when compressed upon firmly will produce the perfect shaped and evenly flattened tortilla, that tastes great! The press measures 7 x 9 and is so much faster than the traditional method of hand pressing tortillas. Also the pine wood gives the tortillas better flavor than when pressed with a cold metal press. The Pine Wooden Tortilla Press is also easy to clean and the wood won t stain. A great addition in your kitchen or on your patio! The Pine Wooden Tortilla Press is natural looking and adds a taste of authentic home style tradition to your decor and again it is so easy to use, just simply take a small ball of dough place on the press between the base and the upper handle, lower the handle firmly and voila, the perfect tortilla! Ole!

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Pine Wooden Tortilla Press 7"x9" - Prensa De Pino

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pine wooden tortilla press 7 34 x9 34 prensa de pino



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