Pequin Chilies are hot like fire

They are green in immature state and also they become bright red after maturation. The average sizes of those Pequin Chilies are about ? to ? inches long. The diameters of those Pequin Chilies are about ? inch. Wild Pequin Chilies are oval in shape. Also those are slightly elongated oval. Also these Pequin Chilies are the smallest among all. But don t measure their capacity with the size. Those are enough potent and hot. Also those Pequin Chilies have got smoky, citrus and nutty flavor. Salsa, soup, vinegars, pickled and beans can be cooked with those Pequin Chilies to change the flavor and to enhance the taste. Also the Pequin Chilies available here are of high quality. Those are the only very best goods collected directly from the land. Also those are collected after long and potent researches made by health professionals and nutritionists. Chile Piquin provided here is not only the best quality but also the best for enhancing taste and altering flavor. Those are stored in airtight and cool storages. Also this storage procedure of Chile Piquin is approved by the health professional as well. The refinement of those Chile Piquins has been done under direct direction of chemists and nutritionists. Those Chile Piquins can be effective for salsa and soups. Also those Chile Piquins have been prepared in such way that can help to last Chile Piquin long. Also those have been collected only after strong research and refinement. If you are looking for quality Chile Piquin, then the collections provided here should be the end of your query, as those are potent and health friendly too.

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Pequin Chilies - Chile Piquin 8 oz

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pequin chilies chile piquin 8 oz



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