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ust ready to eat, its as easy as it can be to keep tortillas delicious and warm with this Palm Handmade Tortilla Warmer. Its one of the beautiful, most lightweight Tortilla Warmer on the market and it can hold plenty of Tortillas. It has a colorful floral Handmade Design on the lid and has weaved wicker on the outer shell, so it looks good and blends in with any kitchen. And its efficient too, it keeps tortillas delicate and warm, even on the coldest days a great item for anyone who loves tortillas. This palm tortilla warmer is especially handmade designed with your tortillas in mind. Its made to provide as much insulation as is possible to your tortillas, while storing as many as it can. Its perfectly portable and easy to store, making it a great tool for storing tortillas on picnics, school, or at the workplace. And no matter what season it is, or where you are, this Handmade Palm tortilla warmer keeps your tortillas protected from the elements and ready to be eaten. This tortilla warmer is a fantastic utensil that will delight any tortilla lover. Whether your tortillas are homemade or not, this will make your meals delectable and ready to go. You will not longer have to rely on dishes made out of inferior materials to store your tortillas when they can never support them and always leave them open to the cold. This wonderful tortilla warmer will ensure that you get warm, delightful tortillas for your Latin meals.

Palm Tortilla Warmer - Tortillero de Mimbre 8" x 5"

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palm tortilla warmer tortillero de mimbre 8 34 x 5 34



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