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It Now Is one lot of PC games That are all sports Related games. 12 in all. Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Golf. Older Windows 95 Games all in nice condition. I will note if any of these games have stated other versions of windows on their cases or instructions but I do think these games will work on Windows XP, 98, and maybe ME. Buyers of this lot will have to check this out. Most do have manuals and most are in nice condition. All older games like these still can be played on newer versions of windows using Usually downloadable programs found online. like DOSbox and others. Another thing you can do is research and see if these games will work with an installed Windows 95 on one of your partitions (Dual Boot). All of these games are listed below and will include disk condition, and if they have manual included or not!!! And other various info. Here they are: #1 MADDEN 98 - EA SPORTS - 2 disks, both in unscratched Condition - Both Jewel cases in unbroken condition as well. Instructions/Reference Card, mint condition as well #2 TRIPLE PLAY 98 - EA SPORTS - 1 disk, in unscratced condition - jewel case - unbroken condition. Seprate Reference and Instructions books, both mint condition. #3 NBA LIVE 98 - EA SPORTS - 1 disk, in unscratched condition - jewel case is in unbroken condition. Reference card/instructions included, and in mint condition. #4 MADDEN 99 - EA SPORTS - 2 disks, both have a couple of scratches - Jewel case - in unbroken condition. Reference Card, registration card, instruction book, all 3 in mint condition. #5 MADDEN 2003 - EA SPORTS - 2 disk, only one light scratch - jewel case in unbroken condition. Install Guide, Registration card, instruction book. install guide and Instruction guide in mint. reg card in nr mint. #6 TRIPLE PLAY 97 - EA SPORTS - 1 disk, a little scratched but fine. Jewel case is in unbroken condition. Registration card, instructions book nr mint. #7 MICROSOFT BASEBALL 2000 - MICROSOFT - 1 disk, no scratches. jewel case is in unbroken condition. 15 page Instructions/install guide is the jewel case insert in front. Designed for Windows 98. #8 MICROSOFT INSIDE DRIVE 2000 - MICROSOFT - 1 disk, no scratches, jewel case is in unbroken condition, also has CD set # on it. MSN Gaming zone disk that is sealed is with this game. #9 NHL 97 - EA SPORTS - 1 disk a little light scratching - jewel case is in unbroken condition. Instruction book. instructions are in nr mint condition. #10 SUPERBIKE: WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP - EA SPORTS - 1 disk very light scratches, but fine. Jewel case is in unbroken condition. Registration card mint cond. Instructions book in almost mint condition. Race to win book and EA PC entertainment catalog 1999, both in nr mint. Reference Card mint. #11 HARDBALL 5 - ACCOLADE - 1 disk with very light scratching, but fine. Jewel case is in unbroken condition. #12 NCAA BASKETBALL FINAL FOUR 97 - MINDSCAPE SPORTS ADVANTAGE - 1 disk with light scratching - jewel case is in unscratched condition - Instructions/Tournament guide nr mint. Please ask any questions you may have.............Thanks for looking................ Thank You in advance for your business.


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