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Apollo Document Collection on Four DVDs Be sure to check out all our NASA Space History DVDS in our Store (Links open in a window) This collection of 938 documents represents a comprehensive collection of 1000's of pages of material describing the NASA Apollo research and many of its missions in great detail. It includes everything from flight manuals to news releases to technical documents on the various spacecraft and instruments. The collection is broken into four DVDs with documents arranged functionally into specific categories related to the Apollo program. DVD 1 contains general Apollo documents, Apollo Experience Reports and Apollo Lunar Science documents. DVD 2 contains Saturn Rocket and Unmanned Apollo Mission Documents DVD 3 contains Apollo Manned Mission Documents DVD 4 contains Apollo Application Program details, Apollo CSM documents, Apollo Guidance and Navigation documents, Lunar Module documents and Lunar Rover documents. All the documents on this four DVD Set are listed below. GENERAL APOLLO DOCUMENTS In this Decade - Mission to the Moon Shooting the Apollo Moonwalks Apollo Color Television Subsystem: Operation and Training Manual Lunar TV Camera: Statement of Work (Final Draft) Lunar Television Camera: Pre-Installation Acceptance Test Plan The Lunar Television Camera Color Television Study Final Report Project Apollo: A Feasibility Study of an Advanced Manned Spacecraft and System. Volume 9: Apollo Program Implementation Plan - GE Apollo Report - May 1961 Apollo: Configuration - June 1961 Direct flight schedule and feasibility study for Project Apollo Direct Flight Apollo Study. Volume 1: Two Man Apollo Spacecraft - October 1962 Direct flight Apollo Study Briefing- October 1962 Modified Apollo Logistics Spacecraft - December 1963 Chariots for Apollo: A History of Manned Lunar Spacecraft Apollo Mission Simulator Instructor Handbook. Volume 1: - July 1965 Preliminary Apollo Mission Simulator Instruction Handbook. Volume 2: Operation and Utilization - July 1965 Apollo Flight Mission Assignments - September 1965 The Apollo spacecraft. Volume 1 - A chronology The Apollo spacecraft: A chronology. Volume 2: 8 November 1962 - 30 September 1964 The Apollo spacecraft: A chronology, volume 3, 1 October 1964 - 20 January 1966 The Apollo spacecraft: A chronology volume 4, 21 January 1966 - 13 July 1974 Apollo: A Retrospective Analysis NASA Engineers and the Age of Apollo Where No Man Has Gone Before: A History of Apollo Lunar Exploration Missions Benefits from Apollo: Giant Leaps in Technology Endocrine/Metabolic Changes in Apollo Astronauts What made Apollo a success? 'Before This Decade Is Out...': Personal Reflections on the Apollo Program Apollo Expeditions to the Moon Deep space instrumentation facility capabilities, 1963 to 1970, for support of Apollo Project - spacecraft tracking and communications Enchanted rendezvous: John C. Houbolt and the genesis of the lunar-orbit rendezvous concept Interviews with the Apollo lunar surface astronauts in support of planning for EVA systems design Manned lunar program options - mission equipment, September 1967 Project Apollo Mission design for flight safety Development of a personnel dosimetry system for Apollo final report Apollo Spacecraft flight summary Projected Activities at Science Stations for J-Mission Traverse Planning Contributions of MSC Personnel to the Manned Lunar Exploration Symposium (1964) Lunar TV Reliability Evaluation Plan Apollo/Skylab ASTP and Shuttle Orbiter Major End Items Apollo Terminology1963 GO, NO-GO FOR APOLLO BASED ON ORBITAL LIFE TIME APOLLO UNIFIED S-BAND SYSTEM METEOROID ENVIRONMENT OF PROJECT APOLLO Operational Features of the Langley Lunar Landing Research Facility Apollo Program Specification, March 1, 1966 Qualification evaluation of the pitch control motor for the launch escape system of the Apollo spacecraft program Lunar landmark locations - Apollo 8, 10, 11, and 12 missions Manual Control of High-Altitude Apollo Launch Abort Go, no-go for the Apollo spacecraft - An analytical solution Project Apollo: The Tough Decisions Procedures for management control of computer programming in Apollo A full-size pilot-controlled docking simulation of the Apollo command and service module with the lunar module Acceptable crew work/rest cycles for the lunar touchdown day on Apollo missions The origin of light flashes observed by Apollo astronauts Apollo spacecraft control systems Where no flag has gone before: Political and technical aspects of placing a flag on the Moon Site accessibility analysis for advanced lunar missions Vol I - Summary. Final report Apollo Ships Instrumentation Radar Program Final report, Aug. 1964 - Oct. 1965 Human Factors and Environmental Control/Life Support Systems Study Program- Lunar Exploration Systems for Apollo Midterm Status Report Apollo command system-ground network data flow Biomedical results of Apollo Coverage by the Manned Space Flight Network between the near-earth and deep-space phases of the Apollo lunar mission Project Apollo. Volume 2: Data book (1961) Apollo program flight summary report: Apollo missions AS-201 through Apollo 16, revision 11 To Create Space on Earth: The Space Environment Simulation Laboratory and Project Apollo The impact of return missions on the Apollo system An integrated NASA tracking network for Apollo (1962) Particles and Fields Subsatellite Program Expected communication performance of the Apollo subsatellite Apollo: A Pioneering Generation The Apollo Standard Initiator Apollo system specification (1963) The Apollo Program: Was it Worth It? Summary of Apollo-Saturn space vehicle telemetry systems and telemetry support from stations located in the MILA/Cape area for Apollo The Apollo program and the Balance Between Public and Private Enterprise Manned lunar landing. Operations analysis and mode comparison(1962) Proceedings of the Apollo Lunar Landing Mission Symposium(1966) Apollo System Specification Jan 1963 Apollo wind tunnel program report Deorbit and entry crew training simulations for near-earth orbital missions Manned lunar-landing through use of lunar-orbit rendezvous, volume 1 by John C. Houbolt (1961) A compilation of recent research related to the Apollo mission (1963) Lunar Orbital Technique for Performing the Lunar Mission (1962) Apollo Design Review Board (1963) Apollo Flight Mission Assignments, 9 April 1963 Direct flight study using Saturn C-5 for Apollo project. Volume 1: Summar (1963) Manned Lunar Program Options - Mission Equipment (1967 Apollo part task trainer Apollo Flight Mission Assignments, 23 March 1964 Preliminary Apollo Flight Mission Assignments THE EFFECTS OF WIND FORCES ON A THRUSTING LAUNCH VEHICLE AND LAUNCH ESCAPE SYSTEM FOR APOLLO MODE 1 ABORTS Flight crew performance specification /preliminary/ for the lunar excursion module lunar landing mission(1963) Aerodynamic loads on deployed canard surfaces and rocket nose section of the Apollo launch escape vehicle Aerodynamic characteristics determined during development of the Apollo launch escape vehicle configuration Dynamic simulation of lunar module docking with Apollo command module in lunar orbit Apollo Logistics Requirements Plan (Nov. 1965) Ground Tracking of the Apollo (1965) Apollo Spacecraft Liquid Primary Propulsion Systems Apollo Space Suits Apollo operations handbook: Extravehicular mobility unit. Volume 1: Apollo 15-17 - March 1971 Apollo operations handbook: Extravehicular mobility unit. Volume 2: Apollo 15-17 - March 1971 BIOENERGETICS OF SPACE SUITS FOR LUNAR EXPLORATION APOLLO/SKYLAB SUIT PROGRAM-MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS STUDY, VOLUME 1 APOLLO SPACE SUIT INTERFACE SPECIFICATION Performance Characteristics of the Apollo Astronaut Backpack Antenna The Effects of Lunar Dust on EVA Systems During the Apollo Missions Headset assemblies Final report Space Suit Communication Antenna System Final Report Development of the Apollo Portable Life Support System (1964) Apollo Experience Reports Apollo Experience Report Abort Planning Apollo Experience Report: Acceptance Checkout Equipment for the Apollo Spacecraft Apollo Experience Report: Aerothermodynamics Evaluation Apollo Experience Report: The AN/ARD-17 Direction Finding System Apollo Experience Report: The Application of a Computerized Visualization Capability to Lunar Missions Apollo Experience Report: Apollo Lunar Surface Experiments Package Data Processing System Apollo Experience Report: Ascent Propulsion System Apollo Experience Report: Assessment of Metabolic Expenditures; Extravehicular Activity Apollo Experience Report: Battery Subsystem Apollo Experience Report Certification Test Program Apollo Experience Report: Command and Service Module Communications Subsystem Apollo Experience Report: Command and Service Module Controls and Displays Subsystem Apollo Experience Report Command and Service Module Electrical Power Distributions System Apollo Experience Report: Command and Service Module Instrumentation Subsystem Apollo Experience Report the Command and Service Module Milestone Review Process Apollo Experience Report: Command and Service Module Environmental Control System Apollo Experience Report Command and Service Module Reaction Control System Apollo experience report: Command module crew-couch/restraint and load-attenuation systems APOLLO EXPERIENCE REPORT: COMMAND MODULE UPRIGHTING SYSTEM Apollo Experience Report: Communications System Flight Evaluation and Verification Apollo Experience Report: Communications Used During Recovery Operations Apollo experience report: Consumables budgeting Apollo experience report: Crew provisions and equipment subsystem Apollo Experience Report: Crew Station Integration. Volume 1: Crew Station Design and Development Apollo Experience Report: Crew Station Integration. Volume 2: Crew Station Displays and Controls Apollo Experience Report: Crew Station Integration. Volume 3: Spacecraft Hand Controller Development Apollo Experience Report: Crew Station Integration. Volume 4: Stowage and the Support Team Concept Apollo Experience Report: Crew Station Integration. Volume 5: Lighting Considerations Apollo Experience Report. Crew-Support Activities for Experiments Performed During Manned Space Flight Apollo Experience Report: The Cryogenic Storage System Apollo Experience Report: Data Management for Postflight Engineering Evaluation Apollo Experience Report: Descent Propulsion System Apollo Experience Report: Detection and Minimization of Ignition Hazards from Water/Glycol Contamination of Silver-Clad Electrical Circuitry Apollo Experience Report: Development of the Extravehicular Mobility Unit Apollo Experience Report: Development and Use of Specialized Radio Equipment for Apollo Recovery Operations Apollo Experience Report: Development Flight Instrumentation; Telemetry Equipment for Space Flight Test Program Apollo Experience Report: The Development of Design-Loads Criteria, Methods, and Operational Procedures for Prelaunch, Lift-off, and Midboost Conditions Apollo Experience Report: Development of Guidance Targeting Techniques for the Command Module and Launch Vehicle Apollo Experience Report The Docking System Apollo Experience Report: Earth Landing System Apollo Experience Report: Electronic Systems Test Program Accomplishments and Results Apollo Experience Report: Electrical Wiring Subsystem Apollo Experience Report: Engineering and Analysis Mission Support Apollo Experience Report Environmental Acceptance Testing Apollo Experience Report: Evolution of the Attitude Time Line Apollo Experience Report: Evolution of the Rendezvous-Maneuver Plan for the Lunar-Landing Missions Apollo Experience Report: Flight Anomaly Resolution Apollo Experience Report: Flight-Control Data Needs, Terminal Display Devices, and Ground System Configuration Requirements Apollo Experience Report: Flight instrumentation calibration Apollo Experience Report: Flight Planning for Manned Space Operations Apollo Experience Report: Food Systems Apollo Experience Report: Ground-Support Equipment Apollo Experience Report Guidance and Control Systems Apollo Experience Report: Guidance and Control Systems - Digital Autopilot Design Development APOLLO EXPERIENCE REPORT: GUIDANCE AND CONTROL SYSTEMS: AUTOMATED CONTROL SYSTEM FOR UNMANNED MISSION AS-201 Apollo Experience Report: Guidance and Control Systems. Engineering Simulation Program Apollo Experience Report: Guidance and Control systems. Mission Control Programmer for Unmanned Missions AS-202, Apollo 4, and Apollo 6 Apollo Experience Report Guidance and Control Systems: Primary Guidance, Navigation, and Control System Development Apollo Experience Report: Guidance and Control Systems: Command and Service Module Entry Monitor Subsystem Apollo Experience Report: Guidance and Control Systems: CSM Service Propulsion System Gimbal Actuators Apollo Experience Report Guidance and Control Systems: Lunar Module Abort Guidance System Apollo Experience Report: Guidance and Control Systems; Lunar Module Mission Programer APOLLO EXPERIENCE REPORT: GUIDANCE AND

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