Monster 200 Amplifier Power Kit 300

-Watts) Feed Your Amplifier the Current It Craves for Loud, Clean, Head-Turning Sound You want to experience your music with loud, clean sound quality that transports you right into the action. But your amplifier can???t fully or accurately reproduce the high resolution soundtracks found in today???s CDs, DVDs, MP3s and other sources without maximum power transfer. Monster Performance Car 200 Series 300 Watt Amplifier Power Hookup Kit includes all the cables, fusing and connections you need for low-loss, high-current power transfer to your amplifier. 8 gauge Monster power cable delivers the current your amplifier needs to produce up to 300 watts of total power, and an in-line AGU fuse holder with 60 amp AGU fuse protects your system against dead shorts or when current draw exceeds safe limits. Unleash your amplifier???s performance potential and break sound barriers without breaking your budget. Features Superior power kit with fusing and accessories to install one amplifier, up to 300 watts. 22 ft. of 8 gauge red power cable, 4 ft. of 8 gauge black ground cable. Inline AGU fuse with 60 amp fuse. Assorted installation hardware included. 300 Watt Amp Connection Kit

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Monster 200 Amplifier Power Kit (300-Watts) Retail Pkg

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monster 200 amplifier power kit 300 watts retail pkg



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