Molina Vanilla is the pioneer of

exican vanillas, and contains only the highest quality, most authentic ingredients made with the original recipe to make Molina Vanilla the product with the best, most natural vanilla Blend flavor. This Molina Vanilla DOES NOT contain coumarin, so you know you ve got the best, healthiest vanilla in the world. Molina has the wonderful vanilla scent we all love, and gives your dishes the best, realest vanilla taste they can have. Molina Vanilla is made with the highest quality natural ingredients that you just can t compete with, and is a huge favorite in both Mexico and the United States. Use it in cakes, baked goods, trowels, yogurts, drinks, candies, and more if you want additional flavor that will make your goods taste infinite times better. Molina is a great, flavorful vanilla blend that will make you wonder why you ever chose to cook with any other vanilla, and Molina will make cooking so many times more fun for you. Molina vanilla has all the qualities you d expect from such an immensely popular vanilla. Molina vanilla is incredibly popular in Mexico and the USA, and you too can see what the fuss is all about. Molina vanilla has an incomparable flavor that you ll absolutely enjoy, and find that youre running to Molina vanilla all the time when you want a great vanilla flavor for your dishes. Whatever youre making, Molina vanilla has got your back!

Molina Vanilla - Mexican Vanilla 8.4 FL oz / 250 ml

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molina vanilla mexican vanilla 8 4 fl oz 250 ml



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