This Pig Head Molcajete one of

the best utensils anyone can have in the kitchen when it comes to preparing the most authentic and delicious Latin foods, is hand made in the shape of a pig, reflecting native Mexican styles of artwork. Its made of volcanic rock, and handmade in Mexico, so you know youre getting the most authentic product for grinding chilies puya and spices you can buy at This Pig Head Molcajete make a great addition to any collection of cookware, both as a decorative piece or in function for your delicious Guacamole, Red Sauce, Green Sauce and many other Latin sauces. You know youre getting the most authentic, highest quality Pig Head Handmade molcajete from us as soon as you receive it. Its texture and weight is ideal for grinding any kind of product, and gives it a native Mexican taste that only volcanic rock products can provide. You know that this will stay looking great and working well for a long time. And no two are quite the same, because Mexican artisans handmade every single one of these. It also is a great atmospheric piece to compliment the design of your cooking space. Even when its not in use, it adds a rustic charm to the kitchen that you know is traditional and authentic Mexican Piece of Art. This Pig Head Molcajete is truly a great addition to the kitchen, and anyone who wishes to make a great Latin food, its essential for creating the most wonderful traditional meals anyone can enjoy.

Molcajete Pig Head 8" - Stone Bowl and Pestle

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molcajete pig head 8 34 stone bowl pestle



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