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ry - Now FREE! Payment Additional Information Millinery Book Make Hats Titanic How to Children 1912 Practical Home Millinery Spiral Bound Book Republication™ Originally published 1912! Why Buy Just One? Receive a 50% s/h discount on all items in your order after the first purchase, providing all are paid for in a single payment as invoiced! Up for your consideration is another marvelous Dakota Prairie Treasures Spiral Bound Republication™ of our original Woman s Institute Lesson Book on Flapper Era "Practical Home Millinery," with more detailed instructions and guides for making women s, children s and infants hats and bonnets! In my humble opinion there is no time limit for these lovely items. :) Originally published 1912! (Original is NOT for sale) The contents goes into great detail regarding creating austere and dignified headdresses for woman of the Gibson and pre- Titanic Eras. Many, many wonderfully detailed instruction images on hat and bonnet making from materials and tools used to covering your handmade wire and buckram hat frames with fabric, straw braids, etc! This Dakota Prairie Treasures Spiral Bound Book Republication™ contains 108 pages (24 illustration plates) with instructions on pattern making and construction techniques for hats, bonnets, and veils from start to finish - from taking the three imperative measurements to make perfect fitting custom made head gear to finishing your creative endeavors with the appropriate feathers, bows and floral trims. This is not a "retyped text" but cleaned and redigitized scans of our original antique book. Included are 41 chapters such as: Children s millinery, widows veils, confirmation and bridal veils, working with different materials, how to clean trim, how to curl feathers, silk flower making and much more! An Excerpt: " ...a methodical arrangement of the principles governing the Art of Millinery. There are many such principles that never change, whatever alterations of style, etc., fashion decrees, so the forthcoming information will, I hope, encourage even the unlikely worker to produce, with practice, the most artistic creations". "One more argument in favor of the subject of millinery, What satisfaction is greater than that of finding oneself able to copy an expensive model at one-third the cost of the original?" This is a must-have addition to our 108+ Millinery Republication Product Line, many of which are currently listed in our Atomic Mall store! Our line of Spiral Bound Book Republications™ oh-so-conveniently lie flat while in use! This is a unbelievably nice touch if you have every tried to read a pattern s instructions while your hands are full of your in progress project. As an avid needleworker myself my personal experience prompted my choice of spiral binding for it s ease-of-use alone. We believe you ll love it too! Producing the best CD Spiral Bound Book Republications for you since 1999! Our customers say: "As a seamstress I adore this. Rate service excellent. A++++" Lots of pretty and functional headgear frame ideas to prompt your millinery muse! Alteration options, suggestions and instructions included! Just in time for Summer and Fall Hats! Very Gibson Girls and pre-Titanic grace and style! This item is a great resource for those who are Titanic and Flapper era historical reenactment enthusiasts, opera, stage and theatre costumers, students of historical clothing, fiber and textile arts, etc! What a lovely way to show your love for the ever tasteful chapeaus of that genteel era, either for yourself or as gifts, that will amaze and please the receiver! CONTENTS: CHAPTER I. CUTTING PATTERNS : CUTTING A HAT SHAPE BY FOLDING PAPER Cutting Pattern for Brim — To Cut the Crowns — For Obtaining Tip — Crown with Little Slope—Another Method of Cutting a Head- or Side-band—Round or Moulded Crown—High Moulded Crown—For Oval Brims and Crowns. CHAPTER II. TO COPY BY MEASUREMENT Measurements for Hats—Measurements for Bonnets—Bonnet Pattern, taken in Paper or Leno; for Buckram or stiff Net — To take a Pattern of a Hat in Paper. CHAPTER III. BUCKRAM AND ESPATRA SHAPES Laying out the Pattern—Fixing Pattern Together—Crown Separate from Brim—Making Crown—For Curved Brims and Crowns—For Rolled Brims—Espatra Rolled Brim. CHAPTER IV. COVERING A BUCKRAM OR ESPATRA SHAPE Cutting out the Velvet—Fitting and Fixing Velvet—Crown—Fixing the Side-band —For Round Crown. CHAPTER V. HEAD LININGS FOR HATS AND BONNETS Head Linings for Hats—Head Linings for Bonnets. CHAPTER VI. BANDEAUX Oval Bandeau—Straight Bandeau—Back Bandeau—Round Bandeau — Shaped Bandeau CHAPTER VII. BOW-MAKING Tied Bow—Butterfly Bow—Alsatian Bow—Wiring Ribbon for Bows— Another Method of Wiring a Bow—Silk Bows. CHAPTER VIII. ROSETTES To Make a Rosette on a Foundation—Crossway Silk Rosette—A Cross-way Silk Rosette on a Foundation—A Velvet Rosette—Rosettes of Gathered Ribbon—Baby Ribbon Rosette—Chiffon, Tulle or Net Rosettes—Pleated Ribbon Rosette—Petal Rosette—Ribbon Rosette. CHAPTER IX. WIRE SHAPE-MAKING To Practise Cutting, Nipping and Tying—To Cut the Wire—To Nip one Wire over Another—To Tie one over Another—To Nip one Wire over Another—There are Two Ways in Making a Shape— Points to be Remembered. CHAPTER X. MAKING A WIRE SHAPE Method of Working—Points to Remember—For a Large Crown—A Turned-up Edge—Mushroom Brim—To Copy a Shape. CHAPTER XI. MAKING A WIRE BONNET Measurements Required. CHAPTER XII. A HAT SHAPE IN STIFF NET Hat Shape in Stiff Net—Round Crown of Net without Wires—A Soft Toque or Motor Bonnet. CHAPTER XIII. STRAW WORKING The Different Methods Adopted for Straw Working are:—Method 1 — Straw Worked over a Wire Shape — A Round Crown—Brim— Method 2—Crown—Brim—Method 3—Method 4—The Principles of Straw Working without a Wire Shape—Makes of Straw. CHAPTER XIV. STITCHES USED IN MILLINERY CHAPTER XV. To CUT MATERIAL ON THE BIAS OR CROSS CHAPTER XVI. VELVETS CHAPTER XVII. CRAPE Crape—Cutting Crape on the Cross—Rouleau of Crape—Crape Piping or Roll—Crossway Folds for Hat or Bonnet—Mourning Hats and Bonnets. CHAPTER XVIII. WIDOWS VEILS A Lisse Veil—Box Pleated Veil—A Crape Veil—Lisse Veil with Crape Border and Rouleaux — To Stitch on Trimmings—Bows—Flowers— Feathers—Ornaments such as Buckles, etc.—Ruchings—Wings and Quills—Lace and Draperies—Rouleaux. CHAPTER XIX. LININGS FOR HAT BRIMS A Tucked Chiffon or Tulle Underlining —A Gathered Tucked Brim-Hat Lined with Bias Folds in Chiffon or Silk—A Lace Brim—Brim with Velvet Folds—To Bind a Hat—Another Method for a Velvet Bind. CHAPTER XX. LACE To Make a Lace Crown—To Make a Lace Wing or Quill—Wiring Lace for a Fan—Lace or Net Ruchings—To Wire Lace for Bow—Lace Rosette—Matinee Cap of Lace—Lady s Cap Foundation. CHAPTER XXI. CONFIRMATION AND BRIDAL VEILS CHAPTER XXII. SILK FLOWER MAKING Rose—Leaf—Another Method —Sweet Pea—Apple—Parma Violets — Single Violets—Daisy or Marguerite—Mounting Flowers. CHAPTER XXIII. CHILDREN S MILLINERY To Take the Measurements of a Child s Head for a Bonnet—To Take the Head-size for a Hat—Children s and Infants Bonnets—Materials Used for Foundations—Head Linings—Materials—Trimmings. CHAPTER XXIV. CHILDREN S MILLINERY—Continued To Cut a Pattern of a Girl s First Bonnet—Measurements Required— Method for Making Bonnet—Materials. CHAPTER XXV. CHILDREN S MILLINERY—Continued Baby Boy s First Hat—Materials—Method of Making—Another Style. CHAPTER XXVI. CHILDREN S MILLINERY—Continued Child s Puritan or Dutch Bonnet Shape for Buckram—Front of Bonnet Pattern—Back of Bonnet—To Cut out the Coronet — Method of Making Buckram and Net Shape and Covering—Materials—Method of Making Shape—Method of Covering—Another Style of Dutch Bonnet. CHAPTER XXVII. CHILDREN S MILLINERY—Continued Child s Liberty Hat—Cutting and Preparing Silk for Brim—Head Lining —Trimming—To Prepare Silk when the Brim is Narrower at the Back—Cloth or Linen Hat—Cloth Hat

Millinery Book Make Hats Titanic How to Children 1912

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