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History of the Microscope Book Collection on DVD The microscope was one of the most important developments in the history of science. By creating a device that could see very small, discoveries were made that literally transformed the world. From health and medicine to materials science to everything in between, the microscope played a big part in the major advancements of all technologies. This collection of 35 books and 16 issues of the journal The Microscope explore the earlier history of this hugely versatile instrument. Here is a collection of the books/journals in this collection: Microscope books The microscope: its history, construction, and applications (1869) - Hogg, Jabez - 762 pages The microscope; a simple handbook (1921) - Beck, Conrad - 144 pages The microscope; an advanced handbook (1921) - Beck, Conrad - 231 pages The microscope (1920) - Hawks, Ellison - 154 pages Beck microscopes ( 19--? ) - 116 pages The microscope : excerpts from The museum of science and art (1856) - Lardner, Dionysius - 250 pages Manipulation of the microscope (1897) - Bausch, Edward - 200 pages The microscope and histology (1892) - Gage, Simon Henry - 234 pages The Telescope and Microscope (1852) - Thomas Dick - 178 pages Evenings at the microscope (pref. 1859) - Gosse, Philip Henry - 468 pages Nature through microscope camera (1909) - Kerr, Richard - 344 pages The microscope and its revelations Volume 1 (1883) - Carpenter, William Benjamin - 388 pages The microscope and its revelations Volume 2 (1883) - Carpenter, William Benjamin - 354 pages Photography Applied to the Microscope (1891) - Frederick William Mills, Thomas Charters White - 61 pages The microscope; a practical handbook (1922) - Wright, Lewis; Drew, Aubrey H - 287 pages Common objects of the microscope (1861) - Wood, J. G. (John George West, Tuffen - 188 pages How to See with the Microscope (1885) - J Edwards Smith - 420 pages How to Work with the Microscope (1868) - Lionel Smith Beale - 550 pages The microscope in the brewery and malthouse (1889) - Matthews, Charles George; Lott, Francis Edward - 198 pages Employment for the microscope : in two parts (1764) - Baker, Henry - 509 pages One thousand objects for the microscope (1869) - Cooke, M. C. (Mordecai Cubitt) - 160 pages The Microscope: an introduction to microscopic methods and to histology (1917) - Simon Henry Gage - 492 pages Microscopy: The Construction, Theory and Use of the Microscope (1907) - Edmund Johnson Spitta - 566 pages Principles of microscopy, being a handbook to the microscope (1906) - Wright, Almroth Edward - 316 pages How to use the microscope; a guide for the novice (1912) - Hall, Charles Albert - 141 pages Half-hours with the microscope : a popular guide to the use of the microscope as a means of amusement and instruction (1892) - Lankester, Edwin - 173 pages The microscopist; or, A complete manual on the use of the microscope (1853) - Wythe, J. H. (Joseph Henry) - 232 pages The microscope and its lessons. A study of the invisible world; with pictorial s of its inhabitants (1891) - Crowther, James - 296 pages Micoscopes and microscopic accessories 32nd edition (1902) - Carl Zeiss - 178 pages Micoscopes and microscopic accessories 33rd edition (1906) - Carl Zeiss - 122 pages Microscopes and accessories catalog (1900) - Bausch Lomb Optical Company - 194 pages Practical hints on the selection and use of the microscope. Intended for beginners (1892) - Phin, John - 155 pages The amateur microscopist or, Views of the microscopic world, a handbook of microscopic manipulation and microscopic objects ... illustrated with 247 figures on wood and stone (1871) - Brocklesby, John - 176 pages The preparation mounting of microscopic objects (1873) - Davies, Thomas, microscopist; Matthews, John, M. D - 232 pages Three American Microscope Builders (1945) - American Optical Company - 78 pages The Microscope. AND ITS RELATION TO Medicine and Pharmacy Journal Series- Each volume is 12 monthly issues - somewhere between 200 and 400 pages Volume 1 - 1881 Volume 2 - 1882 Volume 3 - 1883 Volume 4 - 1884 Volume 5 - 1885 Volume 6 - 1886 Volume 7 - 1887 Volume 8 - 1888 Volume 9 - 1889 Volume 11 - 1991 Volume 12 - 1892 Series Volume 1 -1893 Series Volume 1 -1894 Series Volume 1 -1895 Series Volume 1 -1896 Series Volume 1 -1897 A few images taken at random from some of the volumes are included below. This DVD runs on all Windows and Macintosh computers. You must have a web browser and Adobe Acrobat Reader - (available for download if you do not have it installed on your computer.) The book index is organized in an HTML menu that is compatible with all browsers and the books themselves are in PDF format to allow them to be universally accessed. All books on this DVD are searchable and printable. Please visit Our About Me Page to Learn More about Us! This product is a document DVD. 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