Our Metal Mexican Burner is just

he answer for your outdoor cooking needs. The Metal Mexican Burner is available in two sizes, a 6 and a 7.5 size. The Metal Mexican Burner is small, lightweight and easy to transport. Take it with you on picnics to reheat some tortillas, or to the beach to fry up some tacos, maybe hiking or camping when you want to have lunch or a light bite to eat. The Metal Mexican Burner is produced by Vulcano and is made out of highly durable, heavy duty metal. The Metal Mexican Burner, Quemador Mexicano is classic black in color and has been treated so it won t chip or rust. It produces a single burning flame in order for you to heat and cook your favorite foods. The Metal Mexican Burner is great for pots and pans of all sizes and shapes. It has been constructed to be able to support jugs and pots of heavy weights as well and has an easy to adjust control valve featured at the base of it. The Metal Mexican Burner is a great way to be able to cook outdoors and enjoy that fresh over the fire taste without having to have a huge barbeque or fire. It is an inexpensive alternative for that outdoor grill taste. A wok or comal rests easily upon the Metal Mexican Burner and allows for you to cook small individual sized meals or larger family sized meals. Place your order now!

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Metal Mexican Burner 6" - Quemador Mexicano

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metal mexican burner 6 34 quemador mexicano



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