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Mardi Gras Films on DVD Mardi Gras - the must attend party of the year. Take a trip back into Mardi Gras history with this compilation of two Mardi Gras parade films from 1941 - the Parade of Krewe of Nor and the Parade of Krewe of Rex. This is the last Mardi Gras before the United States entered World War II so you could consider it one final hurrah before the dark days of war. The footage of both films is spectacular and shows the color and delights of Mardi Gras in simpler times. This is a must have for Mardi Gras enthusiasts. Below you will find more details about each of the two films. Orleans Carnival Week, February 22, 1941 This is the Parade of Krewe of Nor (children) at the 1941 Mardi Gras. It shows all the colorful costumes people wore during the event, a large number of colorful and elegant floats, parade entertainments and bead throwing (which was much more subdued in that era than it is in modern times.) The footage is quite good and is truly a special glimpse into the past of Mardi Gras. Audio/Visual: silent, color Run time: 9:25 Parade of Krewe of Rex, Orleans, February 25, 1941 This is the Parade of Krewe of Rex on Fat Tuesday at the 1941 Mardi Gras. One of the nice features you will pick up from watching this film is the level of participation from the audience. They are quite actively involved in the celebrations, not observers at the sideline as is common today. Audio/Visual: Si, Color Run time: 9:30 Please visit Our About Me Page to Learn More about Us! This product is a DVD. It is region so it can play on DVD players anywhere in the world. All our DVDs are professionally produced and packaged in DVD cases. This allows you to easily store them with your DVD collection. Our DVDs are designed to play on all home DVD players and all computer DVD players. They are region free, NTSC productions. Please be aware that in many instances, the master films of these old films are not of the same quality as a modern mega-million dollar production and from time to time, you may notice small quality imperfections that you would not see in a modern production. View Our Other Products: To view a listing of all our hundreds of products currently available, click the link below: View All Products<-- (Note: This will open a browser window. ) and Handling: We offer a variety of options via USPS. All options/shipping fees for your country are detailed in the listing tab or when you check out. We ship in the United States and many international locations. A special note to our international customers: We only charge costs on our items (and fees from the US are regrettably really that expensive.) We do not collect customs or any other country specific duties. Any such fees owed are your responsibility when the item arrives at your location. is generally completed within one business day of purchase. Payment options: Our payment processor is PayPal Guarantee : All items are covered by a 30 day money back guarantee. Only the purchase price is refunded. is not refunded. Item must be sent back at buyer's expense and buyer must include the auction ID and method of payment with the item to receive a refund. xygooberpie123 Feedback: We give positive feedback to all our paying customers at the time your product is shipped. To purchase your DVD for immediate delivery, just click on the Buy It Now button at the bottom of the page. Product and Product Advertisement Copyright THA Media LLC - All Rights Reserved

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1941 Mardi Gras Parades of Krewe of Nor & Rex New Orleans Floats Beads DVD A163

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1941 mardi gras parades krewe nor amp rex orleans floats beads dvd a163



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