Mathematics Trigonometry and Algebra Learning CD

D MONEY BACK IF NOT SATISFIED AND AFTER RETURNED GREAT FOR HOMESCHOOLERS BOX NOT INCLUDED BUT JEWEL CASE IS INCLUDED FOR EXTRA PROTECTION OF YOUR DISC Over 1185+ pages covering a broad range of mathematics, trigonometry, and algebra in extreme detail on CD-Rom! This comprehensive learning tool is perfect for all students, teachers, or anyone else wishing to enhance their skills and knowledge in mathematics. This CD provides a review of basic arithmetic and continues through some of the early stages of algebra. Emphasis is placed on decimals, percentages and measurements, exponents, radicals and logarithms. Exercises are provided in factoring polynomials, linear equations, ratio, proportion and variation, complex numbers, and quadratic equations. The final assignment affords the student an opportunity to demonstrate what he or she has learned concerning plane figures, geometric construction and solid figures, and slightly touches on numerical trigonometry. This self-study guide is organized into subject matter areas, each containing learning objectives to help you determine what you should learn along with text and illustrations to help you understand the information. The subject matter reflects day-to-day requirements and experiences of personnel in the rating or skill area. It also reflects guidance provided by Enlisted Community Managers (ECMs) and other senior personnel, technical references, instructions, etc., and either the occupational or naval standards, which are listed in the Manual of Navy Enlisted Manpower Personnel Classifications and Occupational Standards. The questions that appear in this course are designed to help you understand the material in the text. In completing this course, you will improve your military and professional knowledge. Importantly, it can also help you study for the Navy-wide advancement in rate examination. If you are studying and discover a reference in the text to another publication for further information, look it up. Table of Contents (1186 Pages Total) Mathematics, Basic Math and Algebra (304 pages) Chapter 1. Number systems and sets 2. Positive Integers 3. Signed numbers 4. Common fractions 5. Decimals 6. Percentage and measurement 7. Exponents and radicals 8. Logarithms and the slide rule 9. Fundamentals of algebra 10. Factoring polynomials 11. Linear equations in one variable 12. Linear equations in two variables 13. Ratio, proportion, and variation 14. Dependence, function, and formulas 15. Complex numbers 16. Quadratic equations in one variable 17. Plane figures 18. Geometric constructions and solid figures 19. Numerical trigonometry Appendix I. Squares, cubes, square roots, cube roots logarithms and reciprocals of numbers II. Natural sines, cosines, and tangents of angles from 0 to 90 III. Mathematical symbols IV. Weights and measures V. Formulas Index Mathematics, Trigonometry (272 pages) Chapter 1. Logarithms 2. Computations with logarithms 3. Trigonometric measurement 4. Trigonometric analysis 5. Oblique triangles 6. Trigonometric identities and equations 7. Vectors and forces Appendix I. Common logarithms of numbers II. Natural sines and cosines III. Natural tangents and cotangents Index Mathematics, Pre-Calculus and Introduction to Probability (384 pages) Chapter 1. Straight lines 2. Conic sections 3. Tangents, normals and slopes of curves 4. Limits and differentiation 5. Derivatives 6. Integration 7. Integration formulas 8. Combinations and permutations 9. Probability Appendix I. Natural tangents and cotangents Index Mathematics, Introduction to Statistics, Number Systems and Boolean Algebra (226 pages) Chapter 1. Sequence and series 2. Mathematical induction and the binomial theorem 3. Descriptive statistics 4. Statistical inference 5. Number systems 6. Sets and subsets 7. Boolean algebra 8. Boolean simplification 9. Matrices and determinants Index All manuals are in Adobe Acrobat format and are completely searchable and printable! Adobe Acrobat is included on the CD as well incase you don"t have it. For only a fraction of the cost of a textbook covering this same material, this extensive Mathematics, Trigonometry, and Algebra Learning CD will be rushed to your doorstep via USPS First Class Mail only hours after your order is placed! Availability: Guaranteed to ship within 24 hours Windows 95/98/2000/NT/ME/XP/Vista/Win 7 compatible.

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