Machine Shop and Tools Training CD

COMES WITH JEWEL CASE NO BOX and Money Back Guarantee A complete training circular on CD-Rom helping to provide you with a better understanding of power-driven machine tools! Over 300+ pages in all. It also supplements technical manuals covering power-driven machine tools. One of the main objectives is for this publication is to be clear and understandable. Illustrations throughout this publication show the step-by-step process of many machine shop operations. The tables, charts, formulas, weights, and measurements in this publication can be a ready reference for selecting the proper tooling and math formulas for machining different materials. This CD is a great educational reference for anyone interested in learning more about this subject area. Any apprentice, hobbyist, handyman, industrial mechanic, machinist, millwright, or student will find this CD extremely useful. Table of Contents (308 Pages Total) Preface Chapter 1 Introduction to the Machines Shop (16 pages) General Information Machine Shop Work Common Layout Tools Steps in Making a Layout Jigs and Fixtures Mechanical Drawings and Blueprints General Shop Safety Safety Color Code Markings and Signs Chapter 2 Heat Treatment of Metals (14 pages) General Properties of Metals Identification of Metals Ferrous Metals Nonferrous Metals Heat Treatment of Metals Chapter 3 Portable Machine Tools (14 pages) Safety Precautions Portable Drills Protable Grinders Portable Sanders and Polishers Portable Metal Sawing Machines Portable Metal Cutting Shears Portable Coolant Attachment Chapter 4 Drilling Machines (24 pages) General Information Safety Precautions Tools and Equipment Sharpening Twist Drills Other Types of Cutters Drill Holding Devices Laying Out and Mounting Work General Drilling Operations Special Operations on Drilling Machines Chapter 5 Grinding Machines (23 pages) Safety Precautions Types of Grinding Machines Grinding Wheels Buffing and Polishing Wheels Laying Out and Mounting Work General Grinding Operations Offhand Grinding Coolants Tool and Cutter Grinding Cylindrical Grinding Surface Grinding Special Operations on Grinding Machines Chapter 6 Sawing Machines (18 pages) Power Hacksaw Machines Bandsaw Machines Safety Precautions Tools and Equipment Laying Out and Mounting Work General Sawing Special Operations on Sawing Machines Chapter 7 Lathes (68 pages) Types of Lathes Engine Lathes Gap or Extension-Type Lathes Lathe Components Tools and Equipment Special Types of Lathe Cutting Tools Mandrels Cutting Fluids Laying Out and Mounting Work General Lathe Operations Thread Cutting Lathe Tool Post Grinder Chapter 8 Milling Operations (31 pages) Types of Milling Machines Safety Rules for Milling Machines Tools and Equipment Indexing Fixture Mounting and Indexing Work General Milling Operations Gear Cutting Chapter 9 Milling-Grinding-Drilling and Slotting Attachment (21 pages) General Safety Precautions Tools and Equipment Selection of Cutters Selection of Grinding Wheels Versa-Mil Operations Keyway and Spline Cutting Form Milling Special Operations Appendix A Tables (36 pages) Appendix B Weights and Measures (7 pages) Appendix C Formulas(4 pages) Glossary (17 pages) References (2 pages) Index (12 pages) Authorization (1 page) All manuals are in Adobe Acrobat format and are completely searchable and printable! Adobe Acrobat is included on the CD as well in case you don"t have it. For only a fraction of the cost of a textbook covering this same material, this extensive Machine Shop and Tools Training CD will be rushed to your doorstep via USPS First Class Mail only hours after your order is placed! Windows 95/98/2000/NT/ME/XP/ VISTA compatible.

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