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strological Graph When your luck is at its peak, that s the time to act . . . whether at the casino, trading stocks, buying a lottery ticket, asking for a raise, or any other endeavor for which you are seeking the maximum benefit and potential available. A Lucky Days Astrological Report is about giving you an advantage. Your luck can improve dramatically when you know just when to act, and when to pass. Have you ever went to a casino and the machines were hitting well for you . . . you were winning and having a great time . . . and then suddenly it seemed that your luck had just ran out and you found yourself losing? Or vice versa -- losing and just about ready to give it up when suddenly you finally start winning? There is a reason for this to happen . . . it s all in the timing with your personal astrology chart. Jackpot winners aren t just born lucky. They play at the right time and in the right place. Would you like to know what your lucky times are? A Lucky Days report will help you determine the best time to take action . . . and the best times to wait. Astrology can improve your odds! A Lucky Days Report is very easy to use. A simple Red and Green bar color coding system and pie charts are used which allows you to quickly and easily see when your times are the luckiest. RED -- Indicates your unluckiest times . . . a time to wait and not take action. GREEN -- Indicates when your luck is at it s peak . . . your winning times! The taller the green bar, the better your winning potential is at that specific time. WHITE OR BLANK SPACES -- These times are considered neutral . . . much like a yellow light on a traffic sign where you would need to proceed with caution or possibly slow down and prepare to wait for a little bit. It would not be a time to gamble seriously. It is neither a "bad" time nor "good"time, but a time to take it easy and just be cautious. To further refine each day, the Winning Times graph breaks down each day into 15 minute increments. Please see photos. I am offering 16 days of the Lucky Days report AND 16 days of the Winning Times graph as a package, for only $5.95. *************************************************************************************** I am not an astrologer but have dabbled in the Art for many years. My interest in Gambling and Astrology stems from my husband s love for the slot machine! He first discovered gambling on an Atlantic City visit in the early 1990 s. In 1994, a casino came to Niagara Falls, Ontario, which is just around the corner from our western NY home. He become a regular!! Fortunately, he has, what is considered "a lucky natal chart", and he won more than he lost. That started me wondering if astrology could be useful in pinpointing his "lucky times". I bought an astrology program based on the techniques of astrologer, Joyce Wehrman and offer a PDF report which can easily be used by anyone! Her method involved a lot of work, but, for her and the many people she shared her technique with, it seemed to produce surprising results. Nobody wins all the time. The trick is to stop gambling before you begin losing. Many experimenters find that they begin winning during a lucky time and then don t stop when the time turns unlucky. The reports will be emailed to you, so there s no shipping. I certainly can t guarantee you will win, but I can tell you that it has helped my husband chose the days he visits the casinos! Also-AND THIS IS IMPORTANT-not every person has a natal chart which is lucky for gambling. My chart is not considered "gambling lucky" but I have used the Lucky Days/Winning Times system and won during the best green times! There is specific information I need:(After purchase I will email you for the required info) *Your name *Date of birth: month, day, year *Exact time of birth: do not rely on your mother. Please get the info from your birth record *Exact place of birth: city, state, country *Place where you will be gambling: the city, state, country(for instance; Las Vegas, NV, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada; Detroit, MI) You can also give me the locations( Foxwoods, Turning Stone, etc.) If you do not know your birth time, don t guess and don t order. Astrology is based on EXACT times! A copy of your birth record should be available from the county clerk in your birth city. Price is $5.95 for both a 16 day Lucky Days report and 16 day Winning Times graph. to your email box! Federal law requires this disclaimer: Entertainment purposes only.

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Lucky Gambling Days Report & Winning Times Graph for Luck

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