This foam tortilla warmer is a

reat item to have on hand when you need to keep all your tortillas warm and delicious. Its made out of one of the best insulators known to man, Styrofoam, and is compact, but sturdy, enough to hold as many tortillas as you need. Its dimensions are 7.5 inches by 4.25 inches, so its compact as well as efficient. And even though its made out of the wonderful insulator Styrofoam, its incredibly sturdy and can hold your corn tortillas or flour tortillas long distances really fresh. This tortilla warmer is as cost effective as it is useful, and at special price of $2.39, you can buy enough to hold the tortillas for even the biggest of gatherings. Its light and space-efficient as well, so you can use it to transport your tortillas to homes, picnics, or workplaces. And you can rest assured knowing that your delicious homemade tortillas will still be warm and delicious. This is a great companion to a cast iron tortilla press, so you can always have the best tortillas. The Styrofoam Warmer is essential to any event. It is the best way to make sure your tortillas and your food stay intact, delicious, and as warm as they were when they were first made by the time you get to where youre going. Youre bound to love using this for all your cooking endeavors, and have the absolute best tortillas every time.

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Large Styrofoam Tortilla Warmer 7.5" x 4.25"

# 1499645
large styrofoam tortilla warmer 7 5 34 x 4 25 34



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