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it s an XL.This is our 3rd year of carrying this style and they always fly out of here! It s got that European "balloon hem" or "parachute" look and I ll explain all that in a minute. this is berry red-- the side shot is a little dark-- and 100% cotton. First, I have to explain the cut on this one. The bodice of the dress is spun, knit cotton and it has princess seaming for such a flattering look. The dead center is longer and comes to a point where the "skirt" (which I ll get to) is attached. The back also has the same seaming and there are also 2" wide applied straps on this one. Now..on to the rest... The skirt part of the dress is a super-duper long pieced circle. But see, it has to be, because at every "piece" underneath the dress there are two ties-- tie them all and get that waterfall effect, or what the European designers describe as either balloon or parachute hem. There s easily 6" of play in those ties found underneath at each pieced panel. I didn t tie them all the way for the photo. But isn t this fabulous? Again, simple cotton, but for me, I d hand wash in cold so it will last and last.You can layer a longer tunic and a shorter jacket over and wear get that Lagenlook going. I take the measurements with the garment flat, so be sure and double, where appropriate, and subtract your own "wiggle room". Remember, being knit, is quite stretchy! Measurements *Size Extra Large* Bust: From underarm to underarm 18" Remember, the top is knit, so there s easily 4" of stretch to this measurement. Underbust or high waist is 16" (again, there s stretch) Waist: 20" (where the knit is connected to the skirt part Hips: Free-- I measure about 32" Length: With the ties tied up the length is about 47". You can tie the ties looser and get easily another 4"-6" I am showing this with a black petticoat underneath but the sale is for the curtain or parachute dress only.

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Lagenlook Balloon Parachute Hem Dress Berry XL

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lagenlook balloon parachute hem dress berry xl



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