JAPAN AOJIRU blended 75 kinds of

vegetable enzyme power green juice Size:140??102??77mm Weight:120g(3g??25) ???bag???????????????Energy???11.22kcal??? Protein???0.34g Lipid???0.09g Carbohydrate???2.27??? Sodium???4.65mg which blended 75 kinds of vegetable enzyme power green juice [If you enjoy] Because this article is food, there is no special fate to the amount of served, but to aim about 1-2 bags per day, please have it I mix it with water or milk, etc.. [Attention] ?? Because I use natural ingredients products, in some cases, color and taste, aroma change to some extent, the quality is not a problem. ??? From the meaning of quality maintenance, please enjoy as soon as possible after opening. - Please keep out of reach of children. ?? Because one that does not fit constitution is very rare, please refrain from the use in that case. ?? There is a case to be firm by moisture, etc., because there is not a problem in quality, please have it in peace. Jan Code 4560256051417 Brand name Corporation HIKARI Size, capacity Individual packaging sizes: 140X102X77mm Individual packaging Weight: about 120g Contents: 3g ?? 25 bag [Publisher: HIKARI] Standard [raw materials] Organic barley grass, glucose, oligosaccharides, plant fermentation extract powder [Nutritional] (1 bag (3g) per Energy 11.22kcal Protein 0.34g Lipid 0.09g Carbohydrate 2.27g Sodium 4.65mg

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JAPAN green juice AOJIRU blended 75 kinds of vegetable enzyme power

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japan green juice aojiru blended 75 kinds vegetable enzyme power



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