This Heavy Duty Brazier is built

f high quality standards and has been designed for professional use, but now you can enjoy the luxuries of this brazier and all its benefits from the comfort of your own home! Built with 4mm thick walls and available in two sizes, a 35 quart or 60 quart, this brazier is what you have been looking for! The traditional braziers were used to hold charcoal for fires and also as a source of light and heat. Today they are commonly used for cooking. No matter how you decide to use our heavy duty brazier, its up for the job! The base is constructed out of metal compounds and steel, and it comes with a matching heavy duty, heat resistant, glass lid. Place charcoal in this heavy duty brazier or fill it with wood chips to give off a great smelling essence or aroma. Use it for baking, in the oven or on the stove top, on the fire, or as the fire, so many options, so versatile! The materials used to build this heavy duty brazier, or arrocera use professional, are all constructed out of heat proof materials and the outside is armored to give it long lasting protection. This professional use heavy duty brazier is perfect for restaurants or makes a great gift idea for the one who loves to cook! It is affordable and top notch quality, order yours today!

Heavy Duty Brazier 35 Qt - Arrocera Uso Profesional

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heavy duty brazier 35 qt arrocera uso profesional



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