Heartgard Plus Large Dogs Dewormer Heartworm

Roundworm Hookworm Tapeworm 6 Month Quantity: 6 Month Supply Expiry Date 04-2020 Condition: Size: Large Dogs 51 to 100 Ilbs Manufactured in the USA Heartgard Plus for large dogs are real beef chewables treats that they just love to eat.It is a simple and safe monthly oral dewormer. Used to protect your pet from heartworms, ascarids roundworm, and hookworm. tapeworms and more. Experts state that no other monthly preventive product treats and controls more kinds of roundworms and hookworms. Each tasty Chewable contains 272 mcg Ivermectinand 227 mg Pyrantel as a Pamoate Salt. This package contains 6 Tablets, a six month supply. The active ingredient is Ivermectin. Healthgard is a well established brand and the manufacturer is Merial, ranked as a multinational animal health company. Healthgard Plus for dogs is approved by the United States FDA Food and Drug Administration and manufactured in the USA. Fortunately large dogs find the once monthly tablets a canine treat. Your healthy dog receives a delicious real beef flavored chew. So worming with this pet med is easy and simple. No capsules or pills to mash up into the dog food. No messy sticky sprays. Plus no more juggling numerous different products. However, make sure that each month your pet completely chews up before swallowing the whole delicious beef flavored chew to gain the full monthly strength of the pet medication. Directions: Apply Heartgard Plus pet healthcare once a month on the same day of each month year round. Heargard Plus chewables should be chewed up first by your dog and not be allowed to swallow whole. For dogs that will normally swallow whole, the beef chewables may be broken up into pieces. Make sure that your dog eats the entire dose. Your dog should be closely observed for several minutes following the giving to make sure that the entire dosage has been consumed. What happens if you miss a heartworm pill? Please give the dosage you missed immediately. Then you can continue giving the pet med on the day you have always given it. Protect your large dog: Give Heartgard Plus antiparasitic pet meds correctly to your large dog, once a month, and every month. Your pooch can rely on protection from many intestinal parasites. Such as Ascarid worms and the following: Heartworm disease spread by mosquitos can be deadly for your canine best friends heart, lungs and arteries. Sudden death can be from a single bite from an infected mosquito. Use Heartgard Plus for dogs to prevent the injections of minute heartworm larvae into your large dog???s skin. Prevention in advance against Heartworm is the best way forward. It is 100 per cent preventable. Roundworm can make your large dog???s life a misery. It is a common highly infectious intestinal parasite. In a large dog roundworms can live within the small intestine. They then migrate through to the liver and the lungs causing irrepairable organ damage. Like Heartworm, it can be fatal for puppies and large dogs. Tapeworm: Large dogs with tapeworm infections have digestive problems, upsets, itchy bottom and vomiting. Often to be seen dragging their itchy backsides across a floor to gain relief. Regular once monthly use of Heartgard Plus oral pet medication will put an end to your buddie???s problems. Heartgard Plus pet med should not be given to sick, debilitated or underweight animals. Heartgard Plus is safe for stud dogs ,breeding, pregnant and lactating pets. We are solely re-sellers not Veterinarians. Heartgard Plus should only be used as directed by the manufacturer. Please read the manufacturer???s instructions.

Heartgard Plus Large Dogs Dewormer Heartworm Roundworm Hookworm Tapeworm 6 Month

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heartgard plus large dogs dewormer heartworm roundworm hookworm tapeworm 6 month



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