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Takes aim at your old, faded headlights." "Give it a shot!" Uncle Pooter's Blue Bullet is BY FAR the best value you can get for your money out there. This 4-oz bottle comes with instructions printed on an Orange tag. Just watch our product IN ACTION: Others you see out there are usually imported, repackaged, and are only 1 oz. Go check it out then come see us see what you get for your money. SHIPPIN' Y'all! We ship a FOUR OUNCE BOTTLE so you get more bang for your buck! PLUS, we don't stuff envelopes. At Uncle Pooter's, our bottles are nestled in Spanish Moss and shipped in sturdy recyclable cardboard boxes next-day. With all of the choices out there, it can get confusing and complicated. Headlight Restoration doesn't have to be complicated. Restoring your headlights doesn't have to be expensive! You've seen the vehicles out there. (maybe yours!) They have faded headlights! Still need proof? Watch our Youtube Videos below to see the power of Pooters in action! Others also show you their before after pictures, but Uncle Pooter takes cleaning a headlight to the next level! Many folks don't see or even realize their car or truck has faded headlights after they wash detail it. A headlight gradually fades and becomes unnoticeable over time, much like a person's hair grays as they get older. Bring some LIFE back to your vehicle! Did you know you can INCREASE the resale value of your vehicle just by restoring your headlights with Uncle Pooters? SURE you can! It makes your vehicle look YOUNGER! Just as hair dyes take away the gray, Uncle Pooter's takes the oxidation away from those older yellowed headlights and makes your car or truck look YOUNGER! We've sold many and have had many positive reviews! We MAKE it here in the U.S.A. and our SUPPLIERS are from here in the U.S.A. We're eco-friendly too! We use 100% recyclable plastic bottles, ship in Organic Spanish Moss, and use recyclable cardboard boxes. Even our string is 100% biodegradable! We would like to thank all of our former customers and say: Thank you for your business!!! For Newer Atomic Mall Buyers: *If you have purchased through Atomic Mall, and our product does not happen to work for you, Please don t just leave negative feedback for us. Negative feedback should only be left when all other avenues of resolution have failed. Negative feedback left on Atomic Mall is a reflection of the SELLER, and the entirety of the transaction; not just the PRODUCT and if it works or not. Many Atomic Mall sellers sell more than just one product. Negative feedback is a reflection of the Seller s way of doing business as a whole and is seen by everyone (Please see our feedback HERE). As you can see, our product works wonderfully on most vehicles. Our few negative feedback ratings are instances where our product did not work, and the buyer just left negative feedback without even contacting us for a refund. We know that ANY product out on the market won t work 100% of the time for 100% of everyone, so just Contact us and let us know what happened! We are fair and this is why we put a refund policy into our listings. Thank you.

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Headlight Restoration Plastic Lens Cleaner Headlamp Restorer 4 oz Orange tag

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headlight restoration plastic lens cleaner headlamp restorer 4 oz orange tag



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