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Headlight Cleaner Polish Restoration Kit
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Buy headlight cleaner polish restoration kit at AtomicMall.com

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Rob's Famous Shoppe is not available for Chat
Welcome to our Shoppe. We have been in business since 1991. We have a successful mobile food concession business, as well as experience in the auto/marine detailing business, dog kennel and grooming shoppe, a scrap booking/card making store. Just a typical small mom and pop business.

We have been an on-line seller since 2002 with over 10,000 internet transactions. Our pledge to you is simple; Satisfaction guaranteed. No one has every lost a penny dealing with us and no one ever will.

So welcome and spend some time, spend some money and let me know if you are a seller so we can see what your wares are.

"IF you have a problem? Contact US First!. We can't help if you don't ask!"

Famous Rob

Formula LensClear Headlight Cleaner Restoration Kit

Can't see when you drive at night?

Cloudy, Hazy, Yellowed Headlight Lens On A Nice Car?

Nice Car with Ugly Headlights that detract from appearance and value?

We will Solve your problem

with Formula LENSCLEARtm

BeFore After
Get The Job Done in a few minutes!
and you get
Enough To Do
At Several Cars!

1 1/2 oz jar by weight

Anybody can do this Dad, Mom, Brother, Sister, Grandmother, Grandpa, if you're driving, you can do this in minutes.

Make those lights look new again.



This Product works on most Cars with plastic/polycarbonate lenses.

Good for headlights,

tail lights, turns signals.

No need to buy an expensive kit.

All you need is our product, a soft cloth and few minutes. Grit paper included for those tough cases.

Not for Glass

1,000's sold!

Kit comes with 1 step polish/oxidation remover and sand paper for the tough jobs

Approx:1 and 1/2 oz jar by weight. Enough to do 2 or 4 cars.

Thousands SOLD!

Will this product work on every car? No

But 99 out of 100 are restorable!

and you have no worry with our

100 % money back guarantee!

THIS is what the pros use so do it yourself and save BIG BUCKS!

Buy it now

Fast Shipping!

Problems or concerns?

Contact us first.

Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

Your have nothing to lose!

Something Special
From Famous Rob



Manufacturer: Formula LensClear


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