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Money Back Includes Jewel Case but No Box This military-issued carpentry training manual covers all aspects of carpentry from beginner to advanced all on one CD-Rom! This fully illustrated guide is packed with diagrams, tables, and charts and is a great learning tool and reference CD. Anyone interested in this subject area will find this guide extremely useful and a priceless educational asset! This CD is intended for use as a training guide and reference for engineer personnel responsible for planning and executing theater of operations (TO) construction. It provides techniques and procedures for frame construction, preparation and use of bills of materials (BOMs), building layout, forming for concrete slabs and foundations, framing and finish carpentry, roof framing and coverings, bridge and wharf construction, and the materials used for these operations. Table of Contents Chapter 1: Construction Drawings Architectural Symbols, Line Conventions, and Material Conventions Working Drawings Site Plans Elevations Floor Plans Detail Drawings Sections Details Wood Framing Drawings Light Wood Framing Heavy Wood Framing Chapter 2: Construction Planning and Materials Planning Built-in-Place Method Panel Method Materials Lumber Hardware Chapter 3: Bills of Materials Materials Takeoff List Materials Estimate List Bill of Materials Format Chapter 4: Building Layout and Foundation Layout Laying Out a Rectangular Building Site Laying Out an Irregular Building Site Setting Batter Boards Extending Lines Squaring Lines Foundations Wall Foundations Column or Post Foundations Chapter 5: Forms for Concrete Form Design Form Construction Foundation and Footing Forms Wall Forms Column Forms Beam and Girder Forms Floor Forms Stair Forms Form Removal Chapter 6: Rough Framing Types of Framing Light Framing Heavy Framing Expedient Framing Connections Joints Splices Sills Platform Construction Balloon-Framed Construction Braced-Framing Sills Built-Up Sills Girders Size Requirements Load Area Floor Load Built-Up Girders Splicing Girder Supports Girder Forms Flooring Floor Joists Floor Joists for Platform Construction Floor Bridging Floor Openings Sub floors Finish Floors Walls and Partitions Corner Posts Partition Posts Studs Girts Sole Plate Bridging Plumbed Posts and Straightened Walls Bracing Exterior Walls Ceilings Wall Openings Stovepipes Ventilators Stairways Stairway Framing Risers and Treads Chapter 7: Roof Systems and Coverings Roof Framing Roofing Terms Rafters Trusses Roof Openings Roof Decking Roof Coverings Asphalt and Asbestos-Cement Roofing Built-Up Roofing Material Re-roofing Asphalt-Shingle Roofs Asphalt-Prepared Roll Roofings Built-Up Roofs Slate Roofs Tile Roofs Asbestos-Cement Roofs Metal Roofs Wood-Shingle Roofs Chapter 8: Doors and Windows Doors Types of Doors Door Frames Swing Door Hardware Door Installation Lock Installation Windows Window Frames Window Sashes Accessories Window Screens Door Screens Hoods or Canopies Chapter 9: Finish Carpentry Interior Wall and Partition Coverings Plywood and Fiberboard Sheetrock Base Molding Ceiling Coverings Sheetrock Plywood Fiberboard Ceiling Moldings Chapter 10: Nonstandard Fixed Bridge Bridge Classification Substructure Abutments Intermediate Supports Bracing Construction Procedures Superstructure Stringers Flooring Curbs Handrails Sidewalks End Dam Chapter 11: Timber-Pile Wharves Types of Wharves Types of Piles Bearing Piles Fender Piles Mooring Piles Installation of Piles Using Special Tools Straightening Piles Cutting Piles Capping Timber Piles Bracing Piles Wharf Superstructure Stringers Decking String pieces Fender Piles and Chocks Pile Clusters and Corner Fenders Floating Log Fenders (Camels) Pile-Mooring Dolphins Docking Hardware Hardware Installation Anchorages for Hardware Appendix A: Conversion Tables Length Area Linear Measure Appendix B. Carpentry Abbreviations and Symbols Abbreviations Symbols Architectural Plumbing Electrical Appendix C: Manpower Estimates -- Appendix D: General Information Floor and Wall Tile Resilient Floor Tile Ceramic and Other Specialty Tiles Suspended ceilings Acoustical Tile Grid-System Components Installation Painting Ceilings and Walls Ceilings Walls Cleanup All manuals are in Adobe Acrobat format and are completely searchable and printable! Adobe Acrobat is included on the CD as well incase you don"t have it. For only a fraction of the cost of a textbook covering this same material, this extensive Carpentry Training Manual CD will be rushed to your doorstep via USPS First Class Mail only hours after your order is placed! Availability: Guaranteed to ship within 24 hours and INCLUDES JEWEL CASE FOR EXTRA PROTECTION BUT NO BOX Windows 95/98/2000/NT/ME/XP compatible.


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