Guarana Antarctica will refresh and delight

ou with the amazing flavors of the guarana fruit of Brazil. See for yourself why this exotic and magnificent drink is the second most popular in Brazil, and one of the fifteen most popular on the entire planet. Its made from the selected Guarana fruits of the Amazon rain forest and only produced in three countries. It will energize and amaze your senses, giving you a taste experience that will bring you to the exotic tropics and beyond. Guarana Antarctica lives up to its name, and makes you feel a cool refreshing sensation when you drink it thats both thirst-quenching and delicious. Its an authentic original Brazilian soft drink, and you can t get much more authentic than this. With guarana straight from the Amazon on its roster of ingredients, its the closest you can get to vacationing on the beaches of Brazil without taking a trip. It, along with many other Latin soft drinks, is imported to the United States only by so you know its hard to find anywhere else. Don t miss out! Brace yourself for the exciting flavor that Guarana Antarctica can give you. With the unique delicious taste of the guarana fruit, this is likely to be a taste experience you won t find anywhere else. This exotic drink will delight and enchant whoever fulfills their thirst with it, thats assured. Guarana Antarctica will send your tastes on an adventure soon, grab a can or a 2 Lt Bottle today!

Guarana Antarctica 12 oz. Case of 12 Cans

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guarana antarctica 12 oz case 12 cans



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