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?. Enjoy the full bodied aroma of the original Grace Ginger Tea! A sweet smelling hot beverage that will warm your soul and awaken your senses! Grace Ginger Tea is a type of tea bag that contains a hint of real ginger from the ginger root itself. Grace Ginger Tea smells like a gingerbread cookie fresh out of the oven and tastes just as good! It is a bit zesty due to the natural qualities of the ginger root itself but warms the tummy, and delights the taste buds. Grace Ginger Tea is great to give to those who are sick or have a cold or flu like symptoms. Its fiery characteristics will clear the sinuses and provide moisture to dry throats. It is also good to help with digestion and has been used as a homemade remedy for flu and colds for years. Now instead of having to prepare it yourself, all you need to do is add one of these perfectly blended packets to a cup of hot water, let soak and then serve. You can sweeten to taste if desire. Grace Ginger Tea has been used for over 2500 years in certain countries to treat and prevent cold like symptoms, never mind its healing characteristics, it tastes great too! Grace Ginger Tea comes in the red box and contains 24 individual tea bags. These tea bags are also great to take to work to enjoy or to for when your on the go. Enjoy a cup of Grace Ginger Tea and savor the flavor!

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Grace Ginger Tea 1.34 oz

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grace ginger tea 1 34 oz



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