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ngredient to add spice and flavor to your sauce? Wouldn t you rather have the work done for you, then have to go to the store, purchase all the different ingredients, return home to wash, peel, chop, cook and stew the ingredients, and then still have the mess to up clean afterward? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you ve come to the right place! Goya Tomato Sauce has come up with the perfect answer for you! You, the consumers asked for it, and Goya has delivered, now offering Goya Tomato Sauce, in a can. Goya tomato sauce comes already prepared with the finest ingredients and blend of spices and herbs. It starts with fresh, vine ripened tomatoes, hand picked and then stewed with a perfect blend of onion, garlic, cilantro, and other seasonings to give it just that right amount of flavor. Goya tomato sauce is made from traditional family recipes and thus has that authentic homemade taste and flair. This delectable tomato sauce, or salsa de tomate, is low calorie and all purpose. Use it for pastas, or pour it on top of enchiladas, also good served with tamales, or in chilies. Use Goya tomato sauce as a base and then add your own personal touches to it, maybe your favorite vegetables, or otherwise, simply enjoy it as is. Comes in a convenient can and ready to go. Try Goya Tomato Sauce today!

Goya Tomato Sauce 8 oz

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goya tomato sauce 8 oz



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