Sweet peas precooked and in a

can! Goya Tender Sweet Peas now come in a can. They are a great source of fiber and iron and provide an easy and quick solution to dinner ideas. Goya Can Tender Sweet Peas are cholesterol free, low in fat and calories, and provide vitamins A and C as well as calcium and iron. To use, simply open the easy to open lid on the can of Goya Tender Sweet Peas, and heat over the stove. Now you can enjoy the delicious and nutritious flavor of Goya Sweet Peas all year long! Goya Can Tender Sweet Peas are picked and shelled from their pods. They are small, spherical seeds that have a bit of firmness to them and are best not overcooked. Sweet peas are popular in salads, casseroles and especially as a puree for baby food. Sweet peas have been cultivated since the 17th century and are used all over the world. They are an annual crop and once upon a time could only be enjoyed during the spring season. However, now a days with the methods of freezing and canning, these tender sweet peas can be enjoyed all year round! Goya Can Sweet Peas are tender and flavorful. They can be stored in your pantry until necessary. They are preserved in water and natural juices which ensures there great tasting sweetness!

Goya Tender Sweet Peas 15 oz

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goya tender sweet peas 15 oz



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