Goya premade Rice Mixtures now features

variety with Pinto Beans, Goya Rice and Pinto Beans Mix! A great way to make a fast and delicious, yet nutritious meal for the whole family! Goya Rice and Pinto Beans Mix is made with a variety of yellow, long grained rice that has been enriched with nutrients such as niacin and iron. Arroz con frijoles Pintos, or Goya Rice and Pinto Beans Mix comes conveniently packaged in a box and premixed, so all you need to do is cook it! No prep work involved! Along with the fluffy, long grains of rice, is tender juicy pinto beans, that are plump and full of flavor as well as this tasty mixture has been infused with small amounts of green chilies and tomatoes, providing it with a unique flavor different from most. The rice is first slow simmered in a chicken based broth with cilantro, tomato and the green chili. Then a specially formulated blend of seasonings is added to it, including chili powder, and citrus flavors. This mixture is a great way to spice things up and is only take 30 minutes to cook. Goya Rice and Pinto Beans Mix is a great filling for burritos or fajitas, and adds a bit of southwest kick to your meals. Try Goya Rice and Pinto Beans Mix, add a little color and variety to your table!

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Goya Rice And Pinto Beans Mix 8 oz

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goya rice pinto beans mix 8 oz



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