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an are a must have staple food for household family homes. These delightful, deep brick colored, kidney shaped beans are a large bean size and are one of the most versatile beans known to man. Goya Red Kidney Beans Can originates from the scientific name of Phaseolus Vulgaris and they are grouped as part of the common bean family as they are one of the most widely used beans all over the world and originated from Peru. Unlike most other canned foods, Goya Red Kidney Beans do not lose their nutritional value through the process of canning and thus still provide an awesome source of iron, protein, and fiber. They are an extremely high source of molybdenum which is a mineral used to detoxify sulfites in the body. An excess of sulfites may cause light headiness, headaches, rapid heartbeat, and disorientation. In a study, it was shown that those who regularly ate Red Kidney beans reduced their chance of a heart attached by or heart diseases by 82%, thats phenomenal! Goya Red Kidney Beans Can be stored on your shelf for long periods of time, and thus don t take up room in the fridge. They and can be used in emergency or as a simple fix when you do not have time to prepare regular beans. Order Goya Red Kidney Beans Can today and try them in a tamale pie, or as a base for a rich, thick, hearty homemade soup.

Goya Red Kidney Beans 29 oz

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goya red kidney beans 29 oz



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