Goya Recaito is absolutely scrumptious Its

a must try for those who haven t. Goya Recaito is made by using the finest ingredients and a secret blend of tasty seasonings and mouth watering spices. Goya Recaito starts by picking and harvesting only the freshest produce, including onions, ajicitos, and green bell peppers. It is then complimented to, by adding some fresh garlic, some cilantro and some culantro. These fresh vegetables and herbs are then sauteed by Goya to infuse their flavors. This unique combination of ingredients is then finely blended in a food processor. It is later cooked with a delicious and hearty tomato sauce, a touch of oil, salted pork and cured ham to give it a tongue pleasing taste that the whole family will enjoy! Goya Recaito is a type of green sauce and is commonly used in Puerto Rican cooking. Recaito is typically used as a base mix for many dishes and helps to enhance the many natural occurring flavors found in rice, beans, soups, and stews. Ajicitos, which are a small, mild pepper and typically found in Caribbean dishes, add a mild heat to the Recaito. The culantro, which is a herb used for seasoning, also helps to give the green base to the Recaito sauce. Goya Recaito comes jarred and features in easy to open lid. Use Goya Recaito for your next meal and change things up!

Goya Recaito 12 oz

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goya recaito 12 oz



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