Goya Pink Beans are small oval

beans generally a pinkish brown in color and are highly sought after for their use in Caribbean and Western U.S. dishes. Also called the chili bean, or Habichuelas Rosadas for its rose like hue, the pink bean is a somewhat sweet tasting bean which has the consistency of a powder. The meat in the pink bean is smooth and meaty, and texturized. Pink beans can be substituted for most other beans and are quite commonly used to produce refried beans. Refried beans are a form of cooked and mashed beans and are often served as a side dish to tacos, alongside rice, or at breakfast time. Goya Pink Beans are harvested when they are very young in order for them to be tender and plump. Goya pink beans are high in vitamins and minerals especially protein and iron. They are a great choice for vegans who may substitute the meat in recipes with Goya Pink Beans. Pink Beans are also good for those people watching their diet, as they are low in fat. Goya pink beans are similar to pinto beans however and can be used in place of. In fact a customer bought Pink beans by mistake and commented, I accidentally bought pink beans rather than the pinto bean I commonly use to make refried beans, and boy was I pleasantly surprised! The pink bean was robust and full flavored and added a nice shade of hue to my dinner plate!, I now only use pink beans to make my dish .

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Goya Pink Beans - Habichuelas Rosadas 29 oz

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goya pink beans habichuelas rosadas 29 oz



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