Goya Green Pigeon Peas are a

mart and tasty addition to any meal. Handpicked from shrubs, high in the mountains on Goya farms, Goya Green Pigeon Peas are tender and tasty. They provide a crispy texture with a bit of firmness and a nutty, earthy flavor. Goya Green Pigeon Peas are tastier than traditional peas and firmer than soybeans, and are classified as a legume. Goya Green Pigeon Peas have been precooked and canned for your convenience. Now as oppose to the dry bean where you have to rinse, then sort, then soak them, and then cook for relatively long periods of time, Goya has gone the distance and has prepared these Green Pigeon Peas for you and has taken care of all the prep work. Now all you have to do is simply open and enjoy. Fast and easy to prepare, Goya Green Pigeon Peas, Gandules Can, can be added to soups, stews, or served as a side dish. They contain high amounts of vitamins and minerals and are a great addition to healthy diets and should be incorporated into meals up to 3 x per week. Goya Green Pigeon Peas, Gandules Can, are preserved in their juices and water to ensure them that same great taste and texture as if you had prepared them fresh. Green Pigeon Peas have been associated with trace elements of selenium which has been shown to help protect against cancer. Pigeon peas are also good for those with stomach problems.

Goya Green Pigeon Peas Gandules Can 29 oz

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goya green pigeon peas gandules can 29 oz



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