This rich thick and delicious cream

is another fine quality product that Goya has to offer. Goya Coconut cream has a heavy density and is similar to the coconut milk, but is much more concentrated. Whereas the milk mixture is commonly 1 part coco to part water, Goya Cream of Coconut - Crema De Coco is 4 parts coco to 1 part water. Goya Cream of Coconut is commonly used when making desserts and curries, however it can also be watered down and used as a substitute for coconut milk. So why carry two different cans in your cupboard, when all you need is one! Goya Cream of Coconut is made fresh from the meaty pulp of the coconut and is then left to stand, in order for the denser cream to separate from the less dense milk water mixture. The thick cream that surfaces to the top is then carefully removed in order to produce Goya Cream of Coconut. Cream of coconut - Crema De coco is often used in Southeast Asian soups and is worldly renowned for its use in the famous pina colada drink and or pound cake. Goya Cream of Coconut provides a naturally sweet tasting tropical twist that when added to meals creates a and unique flair. Goya Cream of coconut is made of the freshest and finest grade of coconuts that is a part of the Goya Guarantee, if its Goya, it has to be good.

Goya Cream Of Coconut - Crema De Coco 7 oz

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goya cream coconut crema de coco 7 oz



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