Unlike its close milk alternative Goya

Cream of Coconut is extremely rich and thick, almost paste like. Goya Cream of Coconut is commonly used in dessert recipes and provides a lovely, sweet flavor and rich, dense consistency. Goya Cream of Coconut is produced in the same manner as coconut milk but then it goes a step further. When coconut milk is produced and it has been left to sit, a thick substance separates from the milk and rises to the top of the mixture. This is the cream of the coconut. This thick, non liquid substance is then skimmed off or removed from the milk, thus producing a creamy paste. In order to achieve this is very time consuming, so now Goya has done all the work for you and offers its Goya Cream of Coconut - Crema De Coco in a can and ready to use. Goya Cream of Coconut - Crema De Coco is very concentrated in flavor and it does not take much time to use or prepare. Goya Cream of coconut can be watered down, if desired, in order to produce a form of coconut milk to use in recipes, etc. Use Goya Cream of coconut on ice cream or in curries. It is also great when used in recipes for cakes and other dessert ideas. Goya Cream of coconut can be frozen so you can have it on hand all year long and can use it when you need it without having to worry about it spoiling. Try Goya Cream of Coconut today.

Goya Cream Of Coconut - Crema De Coco 15 oz

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goya cream coconut crema de coco 15 oz



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